15 And Pregnant

wel i was 15 years old  and around christmas time i noticed i had not got my period in da last so i passed no remarks on it cause at da time i was on antibiotics and den da next month i stil no sign of my period and i new so a got my mother on her own and i didnt no wat i was 2 say so i just started crying and told her i didnt get my period she was shocked and i just cud not stop crying so she was bringing me 2 da doctor da next day and b4 we went in she turned 2 me and said its not the end of da world if u wer sick der wud be sumthing 2 cry about i felt so relived she was so supportive
we went in  and it came up positive anyway 
and all i cud do was get on wit it i have my little boy now and i wudnt change it 4 anything
teentomom teentomom
1 Response Apr 8, 2011

awwh i coulda imagined how u feel all that time! but i know ur agreat mmmy:) goodluck to u