He had this addiction. Whatever drug he could get a hold of... he would do. I was this 5-year-old girl standing in the corner of his trailer watching him shoot up, snuff, smoke, drink, chew... anything. He was my stepfather. My mother was working three jobs at the time, trying to fill his addictions. His drug addiction, alcohol addiction... Oh, and he was addicted to sex. With my mother... and with me...

We ran out of money. He ran out of drugs. But hey, not all hope was lost! He had this young daughter that he owned... and some friends that were just as sick and twisted as him.

They would hand him the bag of drugs, or the wad of cash, and take me out to his truck. They would beat and rape me right there, while my stepfather did whatever drug there was.

My family never knew.




I am in therapy now. And life is getting better.

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As a woman who has been forced into prostitution I feel for you girl especially the age you were when it happened, at least with me it happened in my late 30s when I could cope. I hope the therapy you sought helped and you are on the road to true recovery.<br />
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All my love,<br />