Back to something you said last night.

"It's not your fault you got injured while playing,"

I think it was that I was experiencing an inner confidence like Icarus went through while he is waxing up his arms to apply the feathers.

A confidence out of proportion to the reality.

I had a warning shot across the bows the week before when I was sent off.

This should have woke me up. I had never even been given a yellow ever in any game and now I had picked up a red. It hadn't hurt the team we were winning when I was dismissed and we went on to win 2-1

When I got the card I turned without a word and ran off the pitch and jumped the waist high barrier at the edge of the playing surface and went into the dressing room.
(I was fortunate here because one of the away fans said to me as I approached the barrier: "Be careful" And I took extra care to plant my foot to jump. That was very nice of the guy)

I had been sent off because i had become increasingly reckless, not in a violent way, the foul was hand ball (I was outside my area. - again)

I was spending half the match outside my area, constantly moving to our defence to intercept any attacks before they began. it had become so ridiculous the opposition team were talking about it.

The crowd were getting involved, when one of their men had it in midfield someone yelled "shoot!" or "lob him"

And somtimes they would try a long shot, but i had time to backpeddle and catch it if necessary, but almost always the ball would be off target and the opposition would be wasting possession. and I would be grinning and joking with the crowd.

Things began to turn sour on 70 minutes, I raced out as usual 35 yards from goal to intercept an attempted through pass, but I misjudged a strange bounce and the ball was about to go past me! and the attacking player was bearing down just a couple of yards away. It was going to be a goal so I used my arm to control the ball (tried to make it look like chest but the ref wasn't fooled and off I went. There were great cheers around the ground as the red was flourished above my head, for the match was played away from home and there was a decent atmosphere because it was a cup game.

But did I learn from this? I did not. And the next game on Tuesday night I was injured playing in the same reckless way that had brought me the red on the Saturday afternoon.

And that is why it was my fault I was injured, and why pride surely - just as with Icarus - comes before a fall

But we do hopefully learn from our mistakes and that's a good thing.

Thanks to JustBreathe4J who got me to talk about it and it was my post to her that I reproduce here.
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knowing that it was a mistake assures that you did learn something

i always loose confidence when i'm writing something to you

You're very welcome :) Thank you for including me in your post..

Literature point of view here: I really liked the way it was written and the allegory of Icarus, based on our conversation, I definitely think you could become a published writer.

You'll make me big headed!

As long as it gets you writing :P