Cereal Offender

It's a freezing-cold beautiful clear night, a freezing fog is flowing down from the hills and filling-up the vales. From up on the hills it looks wonderful, I like to see it from above in the mornings, when the sunrise begins and it looks like milk flowing down and covering the towns along the coast. was just up in town, doing a skip-mission. I was on my way back from there, along the coast-road. Way out 'in the middle of nowhere' riding through the fog.. It looks so silvery in my LED headlight.. i was kinda lost in the patterns it makes when the wind hits it, not that there is a wind, more like just an airflow.. anyway out in the darkness where theres only sheep and rabbits for company, I never get pulled-over there, but tonight I must've just been unlucky.

I was carrying the evidence with me too. In my rucksack. Three bags of shreddies, and three bags of some weird chocolate chip cookie looking cereal.

So instantly i was really panicky. Really nervous. I'm not a good liar.

The one that spoke to me wanted to know where I wa going, where I had been, what I thought I was doing out of the house at night.. then he asked me if I was a bobby. (British cop)

"No?!?" I replied, "Why?"

~"You're wearing police officer's trousers" came the answer

Well I didn't know what to say to that.

I just looked down at my tousers.




TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Hobo, you know better then to wear your police outfit in public!<br />
<br />
Those cops get jealous of how you look in those pants!<br />
<br />
;)<br />
<br />
<br />
Ceareal offender...lol

Nothing happened! That's why I stopped there.. They couldn't think of a good enough excuse to search me so they left me alone. They just checked me out. <br />
It's just a random thing to hear.. police do come out with some weird lines.. I thought for a moment he was going to question me on the origin of my pants. Real detective he was! :P