When I was about 13 or 14 I was being a real pain when mum was holding a coffee morning for some of her church friends. She did warn me I was getting close to a hiding but in the end I called her a cow, she just exploded and ordered my to fetch the cane from the hook on the study door, I was terrified but did as she asked. In front of her guests she then ordered me to drop my trousers and pants and bend over, so there I was bent over touching my toes with my bare bottom exposed in front of strangers. She was really mad and gave me the most thorough beating I have ever experienced, each stroke was delivered with all her force and hurt like hell, I'm not sure how many strokes I got, I jumped up twice when she caught the tender part of my bottom near the legs, but she made me get back over and threatened if I didn't stay down she would get Mrs Wilmott to hold me down.

When she had finished she made me stand against the wall with my hands on my head and my stripes on display whilst her friends encouraged her and said I had deserved it. I was mortified I had never been so embarrassed and also knew that they would tell their children and it would be all around school that I had been caned in front of them and cried like a baby.

When they had gone I was ordered to my room to change into my PJ's even though it was only lunchtime and I had to stay there all afternoon. At tea time She came into my room and I was ordered down to the study where I got a lecture about embarrassing her and being disrespectful, and then to my horror she said "get me the cane from the hook", I pleaded with her not to cane me again but to no avail, she made me bend over the back of a chair and grip the seat, she then pulled my PJ's down to find I had left my pants on. "That has earned you another 3 strokes" she said as she yanked them down, "15 strokes for you young man and you can count them out and thank me, if you get up you will get more" she said.

She then delivered an excruciating 15 strokes onto my already beaten bottom, leaving a good 20-30 seconds between each stroke for the pain to reach its full. I was howling and sobbing after just 4 strokes, but she just waited until I calmed down and then continued through to the end

When it was over I was made to apologise and tell her I had learnt my lesson, I was then told to pull up my pants and PJ's and ordered to bed.

I never cheeked her in front of others again so it must have taught me a lesson although it didn't seem like it at the time!
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Ouch to be caned not once but twice the same day.

Yes it was dreadful, my bottom was striped and bruised for days when I looked in the mirror. I did probably deserve it though she was really angry and my caning in front of her friends obviously didn't ease her anger. It was also not as it was normally punished she just thrashed me, whereas usually it was more like the later caning, precise and a structured routine of sentence, pants down, bend over, cane stroke, count and thank!

You say yourself that I worked. My deep respect to your mother. Today my Mistress taught me first with my own belt, then I was ordered to jerk before her, then she put me to the diaper position on a sofa and used the belt again. Then she took the paddle which is more painful and so I was quite noisy. Then evidently she felt some sympathy to me because she took the belt again and told me, "Count till 50 and enough for today." I'm so grateful to her.

Poor you. That first caning would have been enough, and more than enough, I should have thought, without the next fifteen. I suppose you must have sat comfortably again a some point, but after how long did you manage it without wincing? Sympathy.

Yes it was quite awful but I was sitting down ok a few days later but the stripes seemed to last for ages

I understand about the sitting, and the stripes.

Good did you suffer the same problem? I like the stripes now, they are an important part of a caning

I certainly did. It is a long time since I was caned. Stripes are interesting.

You ought to try it again, it's scary but quite exciting. I love the look. Sound and feel of it. Being bent over is so vulnerable and makes me get quite excited

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