I Was Punished By My 6th Grade Teacher For Flashing My Panties

--- By Becky Romero ---

I had been caught goofing off with a boy in class after lunch. He had a tennis ball in his book bag and was tossing it up at the ceiling when our teacher left the room for a few minutes. At one point, it bounced away from him and rolled down the aisle towards me. I picked it up and was teasing him with it, pretending I was going to keep it. He started to get mad, demanding it back. So I tossed it to him, plunking him on the head in the process (not on purpose, just a bad throw), just as our teacher walked back through the door.

Ms. Case was a no-nonsense, 60-something witch substituting for our regular 6th grade teacher who was out on maternity leave. My former first grade teacher, Ms. Case had semi-retired a year earlier and now worked in the front office. She was also the de-facto assistant principal at our small private school.

Having seen me throw the tennis ball, Ms. Case yelled out, "Miss Romero!"

I was told to stand up by my desk, and at first was scolded for goofing off. But then the other shoe dropped.

"And another thing, Becky. Proper young ladies don't go showing boys what's under their skirts."

"Oh, no!" I thought to myself. She had seen what I was doing at lunchtime, with one of my girlfriends. We had been swinging our knees wide open back and forth so that a couple of cute boys in 7th grade we liked to flirt with could see the triangle patch of white cotton panties in between our thighs as we sat there. It was a game of us trying to flash them when the momentarily glanced away and them trying to catch us in the act. Eventually, I had gotten perhaps too bold when, with my legs spread, I lifted up the front of my skirt all the way to its waistband, flashing the two boys not only the front of my panties but several inches of flesh above so as well.

When I protested (and lied) that I hadn't done that, she said, "Don't you lie to me, young lady. I saw exactly what you were doing, as well as you, Melanie."

Whispering and low-level giggles could now be heard throughout the classroom.

"Shame on both of you," she continued. "Becky, come up to the front of the class."

A boy sitting near me who I knew from first grade whispered to another boy, "Ha! Ha! Becky's going to get a spanking."

The other boy teased me, "Yeah! On her bare butt! Becky Bare-Butt! Becky Bare-Butt!"

(I had acquired that nickname from the only other time Ms. Case had spanked me - back in first grade)

Stopping at his desk and slapping his arm, I said, "I AM not! And she wouldn't dare anyway!"

Ms. Case overheard that and said, "Oh, really, Becky? You think I wouldn't? You weren't showing any modesty on the playground out there. Maybe a spanking like that will teach you how to act like a young little lady. Same goes for you, Melanie."

After making me sweat it out for a few minutes - at the time I thought for sure I was going to get a spanking - the boy, Wesley, who I had conked on the head spoke up, explaining it was just an accident with the tennis ball.

Miraculously, Ms. Case seemed satisfied by the boy's explanation. However, because of the class disruption we caused, we were both sent to the principal's office to get a punishment slip. Benchings and extra homework would be our sentence, which seemed quite reasonable. Once out into the safety of the hallway and the staircase heading downstairs, I grabbed Wesley and gave him a huge kiss on the mouth. It was my first such kiss. He told me later it had been his, as well. But I was so grateful for what he had done for me, I couldn't resist expressing my appreciation further before we got downstairs. He didn't mind that at all, either.

After five or so minutes we both returned to the classroom, having held hands practically until we got to the doorway. As we each handed Ms. Case our punishment slip to prove we had met with the principal (thankfully, the tennis ball part of the story was all we needed to tell him), I glanced over at my friend Melanie, who was sitting in her desk in the front row. She was sobbing, her face red as a beat. The boys around her were quietly giggling amongst themselves. What had happened? I soon found out firsthand.

Ms. Case called me out into the hallway, some of my classmates overhearing my pleas out there which feel on deaf ears.

When we returned into the classroom, Ms. Case held my panties in her hands and announced to me as well as my whole class, "Becky, since you are not ashamed to let everyone see your panties, this is where they will remain until next Friday."

And with that, she pinned my panties up above the right front corner of the chalkboard, as all but my closest friends erupted into laughter. That's when I noticed that on the other side of the chalkboard pinned up were Melanie's panties. And there was where our panties stayed, on display for all to see for a whole week and to serve as a warning to any other girl in our class who desired to flash her panties.
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Is that even legal?

Well done ..

my 2 friends Jenna and Natalie always flashed me all the time they wore skirts all the time and never got caught flashing me their panties

Seems to me a heart-to-heart would've been the more enlightened approach. Tell us, has your life gone awry because of your girlish flirting? Has your soul been saved by the harsh words of that woman?

That would, rightly, provoke a lawsuit nowadays. In this case, I think the punishment was worse than the crime. It's a wonder this harridan didn't put you in the stocks and brand you with a letter F for "Flasher." I doubt the boys who were the recipients of your sweet favors felt at all abused.

I'll say the way i love to hear more

I'd love to smell them!!

That thought crossed my mind.

Wonderful no girls at my school ever flashed their panties at me except once on the swings . One of my female schoolmates told me what I saw was school outer underwear . Girls wore those so wouldn't be indecent .

My schoolmates told me their panties that their parents gave them , the school issued blue / white checkered panties, were worn on top of their own panties. Hope this helps.

Harsh.... :(

I was 17. My all boys' Jesuit high school swim team practiced at a local mens' private athletic club. The rules were that you swam naked. The teacher, a sub for the regular coach, who was a girlfriend of my older cousin, [<br />
paddled my bare *** black and blue for getting an erection.

Ah, the perils of ignorance. There are much better ways of dealing with the errant erection.

i wonder what the janator thought when he seen youe panties , hanning on the wall,when he went in to clean that room after school was over,, for,,,, the next week

If you were one of the young ladies<br />
in my class flashing like you <br />
did I would have taken a caning <br />
from staff and a thrashing from<br />
Mutual schoolmates .You would<br />
have been my heroine .

I'd get my bare *** beaten untill I left college to join the Navy. But even if i didn't get beaten, my mom would remind me several times a day:<br />
<br />
"Muchacho que no escucha con las orejas va a oir con las nalgas"<br />
"Boca que se abre sin permiso va a dormir boca bajo"<br />
""Estudiar, jugar deportes es un derecho. Poder sentarte es un privilegio"<br />
"Tu crees que porque eres un adolescente puedes ser malcriado pero la unica persona que se puede portar mal aqui so yo. Y yo no voy a tener mi culo en carne viva."

Hi, creativegoth.<br />
<br />
This happened in 6th grade. My mom wasn't exactly in the habit of checking to see if I still had my panties on when I came home from school. And of course I didn't immediately tell her what happened. She was out of town when my stepdad found out about what happened. Basically she didn't think it was a big deal what I had done, but didn't give me any sympathy over my being embarrassed or for being punished either.<br />
<br />
When I told her at one point I was afraid Mrs. Case was going to spank me in class in front of everyone, my mom told me that if I did it again I shouldn't be surprised if I did get spanked in class and that I was lucky I wasn't that day. She did make me write a note apologizing to the teacher. Although my mom didn't want my stepdad spanking me and it was a contention when he started to when I was a teenager and though she never spanked me herself, she was not opposed to me getting spanked at school (and I was, in first and second grades).<br />
<br />
Our private school didn't really have a formal spanking policy, but by that time (1998 - when I was in 6th grade) our teachers and principal had pretty much stopped spanking students over the previous couple years, although the year before the same teacher (she was subbing, she also the asst principal) spanked one of my friends over her panties in front of the class after she repeatedly hit a boy who was bugging her.<br />
<br />
That the spankings stopped was was lucky for me. Because when I got caught flashing my panties again in 8th grade by the same teacher on the playground, she pointed out to me how my mom had given permission for me to be spanked (after what happened 2 years earlier) and that she (the teacher) thought I needed a good one with my panties down. She said if it were up to her, she'd march me into my classroom after lunch and do just that.<br />
<br />
She also threatened to call my mom to school, but I begged and pleaded and cried. I don't think it was out of sympathy, but she let me off the hook maybe because school was going to be over in a few weeks. But it didn't stop her from giving me a verbal dressing down, however.

I got paddled in fifth grade when the school nurse came in to give us booster shots in the butt as we exited the shower. When it was my turn, I got an erection after the first shot. Probably because the nurse was very gentle as she swabbed my butt. There wasn't anything I could do about it. A nun pulled me by the ear after the second shot, had me grab my ankles, had someone fetch the paddle and gave me five whacks.

that must of been most embrassing for you to have your panties on display like that for week<br />
did you two get spank also<br />
an did this boy that save you from a in front class room spanking your bf now

Hi, David. Yes, my friend Melanie and I were teased about it a lot. And thank God our panties were clean! We didn't get spanked, although my mouth nearly got me one. No, the boy is not my boyfriend.

Hi Becky, Kristy here. What a lovely story; just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Brought back so many memories from my childhood. My sister Lydia and I studied gymnastics at the local youth center, so we had endless opportunities for showing off our undies in the school playground. Every time we learned a new trick, we'd demonstrate it for our friends every lumchtime. Handstands, cartwheels, step-overs, flip-flops - you name it, we did it. Lydia had almost perfect balance, she could walk about on her hands with her dress over her head for an entire minute. You could <i>always</i> be sure there was a bunch of boys surreptitiously watching from a safe distance when we started the show : ) We were rarely (if ever) actually punished for it, most of our teachers didn't consider it a big deal. On a few occasions we were told to go across to the other side of the playground where we couldn't be seen from the street, but that was about it. I once heard a rumor that the sixth-grade boys used to run a betting pool on what color our panties were, but I was never able to confirm that one way or another :D

I wish I could be in your class watching you and be treated like the12-year old Illinois boy being caned in front of the giggling girls.

To remove blouse and bra to stand topless and exposed in front of the boys in class, must have been humiliating for a girl aged 12.<br />
<br />
I guess, when she is not obeying her orders, her panties were pulled down and she was made to bend for a bare butt caning. all the boys would have seen her naked boobs shaking around.<br />
<br />
How degrading.. I think, such a punshment should only be administered in case of severe violation.

if thats you in the photo becky . you are Beautifull .

I can't even begin to imagine how embarassing that was. My heart goes out to you dear.

Hi, rollingdonut,<br />
<br />
Oh, we knew what we were doing. It was a harmless little game, trying to close our legs before the boys turned back to look. They'd turn around, we'd flash them our panties. They'd turn back around to look, we'd close our legs.<br />
<br />
But after a while my friend Melanie and I were getting careless and not really caring that the boys were catching us every minute or so. But Mrs. Case had caught me not only doing that, spreading our legs opened and closed, but lifting my skirt all the way up, too.<br />
<br />
We weren't the only girls who had done this in our class or in others, but we had been caught and she made an example of us. Embarrassing, but it wasn't the end of the world.

reminds me of nuns pulling the boys into the cloakroom to have their ***** spanked. If you were bad, they'd drop your pants and do it over your tighty whities. Don't rememebr any of the GIRLS getting it though.

Hi, Sabrina,<br />
<br />
I grew up and live in the Midwest. My state prohibited corporal punishment - but only in public schools. It is allowed in private schools, one which I attended. My teacher had spanked me back in 1992, when I was in first grade.<br />
<br />
My teacher was an old hag who had been teaching since the 1950s and was then in her mid 60's. She was quite set in her ways. She started teaching in the days when they'd bash a girl's knuckles for hiking her skirt up too high. So she didn't think twice about taking my panties off in the hallway and embarrassing me in order to teach me to behave more ladylike.<br />
<br />
The way she thought of it was simple: since I was showing my panties to the boys on the playground, now everyone can see them. Same for my friend Melanie's. Quite embarrassing, but effective. Ms. Case embarrassed me to teach me a lesson, but I was lucky.<br />
<br />
At least I wasn't quite as embarrassed as one 12-year old Illinois boy was a few years ago. His teacher, Lisa Lox, made him ***** down to nothing but his underpants in front his whole class just to prove a point to him as part of a history lesson.<br />
<br />
http://web.archive.org/web/20031030224937/http://www.reviewatlas.com/articles/2003/10/28/news/news3.txt<br />
<br />
The boy wasn't even misbehaving; it was just part of her ''lesson.'' He was down to nothing but his briefs when he passed out from the anxiety of fearing he'd soon be totally naked in front of several dozen laughing girls and boys.<br />
<br />
As for me, I have absolutely no doubt that if I were in Lisa Lox's class at that age, 12, I would have felt compelled to obey her orders just as the humiliated boy did, leaving myself standing in front of my whole class in nothing but my panties, or perhaps nothing at all if she so ordered.<br />
<br />
Or take 6th grade teacher Susana Quiambao. It was reported in the Sun Times that she forced girls in her class who did poorly on exams to remove their blouses and stand topless and exposed in front of their entire class, even with boys present and watching!<br />
<br />
http://web.archive.org/web/20080511141805/www.sunstar.com.ph/static/ceb/2006/03/26/oped/melanie.t..lim.html<br />
<br />
All I know is that if I had to ***** in front of all my classmates every time I did poorly on a test or homework paper, I might as well simply have gone to school naked each day to begin with.

May I ask, where did you go to school? None of my teachers were allowed to use corporal punishment, and they certainly wouldn't have gotten away with making a girl take off her panties! Much less POST them!!!

Hi, jtotk,<br />
<br />
Yes, it was quite embarrassing but at least summer wasn't that far off. I had learned to live with teasing by then, but also have had great friends. Their friendship both helped enable me to laugh it off myself yet also protected me from any real mean teasing from other classmates. Couldn't do much about the smirking the boys gave me, but then consider why I was punished.<br />
<br />
Had I felt isolated with few friends, I'm sure it would have been much worse. But that did cure me from flashing my panties - until 8th grade. lol<br />
<br />
I was more embarrassed at home over it once my stepdad found out about it a little over a week later. He yelled, insulted and berated me and finally put me over his lap. I thought he was going to spank me but instead he unzipped and pulled off my skirt. That's how he made me stay the rest of the night, with my top on but only my panties on below. Of course, it was hell for me with my two brothers at dinner that night and when I had to stand there clearing the table and doing the dishes.<br />
<br />
My mom was out of town when my stepdad heard about it. She wasn't happy my stepdad punished me but she sort of laughed it off to me, thinking I was punished at school and that should have been the end of it. So basically she didn't think it was a big deal what I had done, but wasn't going to give me any sympathy over being embarrassed for being punished either.

Wow Becky, I bet it was so embarrassing for you!

Hi, sensuouswaves. As I said, I thought it was really just harmless flirting at the time. But the old hag who punished me thought otherwise. OK, yes she caught me going higher than 'sixth floor' (more like ''rooftop level'' - lol), so I suppose it was my own fault for being punished (or more accurately, "getting caught").

Becky,if you'd been in my 6th Grade Class, you'd have been my favorite classmate. I loved the girls who teased the boys. Our prettiest girls used to hike there skirts up their legs slowly, saying: "First floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor, sixth floor (as they raised their skirts almost to their panties). Then they'd stop before reaching their best assets and say, "Sorry boys, the elevator's broken!"<br />
<br />
The 6th Grade Boys used to get a thrill from that!

Hi, kakdrukker. To answer your question: shameful. The boy sitting behind me in class kept trying to lift up the back of my skirt whenever I stood up or sat down and when school was over for the day and my friend Melanie and I were walking to go home - well, you can imagine that wasn't a very pleasant experience.

Mmmmm nice story, what was it like walking around all day with no panties on?

i got lots of spankings growing up in yhe 1950s

Hi, NudyDude,<br />
<br />
- blushing - <br />
<br />
Ms. Case sure got her points across to me. I didn't dare flash my panties again (until 8th grade - lol). But I'm sure she'd have liked to hike my skirt up and redden my bare bottom just for my back-talk alone. We didn't have any sort of official corporal punishment, but I had been spanked a few times back in first and second grade. Although had she done so then when I was 12, that would have been much more humiliating. As it turned out, I suffered that fate anyway at my girlfriend's house about a week later.<br />
<br />
And yes, we got our panties back at the end of the week. Fortunately, she took them down before school's Open House.