Facing The Wall

As a kid one of the punishments was to sit in the corner that faced the furthest wall in my parents bedroom. I hated this because it was a total isolation and there was no window in that corner. I remember feeling so bad for my actions that caused me not to be loved and sent away from the rest of my family. I guess the punishment succeeded because i didn't do whatever again but at the same time I was a weird kid and too thoughtful about the repercussions of my actions,. I guess I think too much. 
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1 Response May 8, 2011

I hate having to stand facin the wall when ive been bad esp if i know im goin to get my bum slapped when its ova. Mammy loves punishin us like that tho shes even made me stand facin a wall in public when ive been playin up before now that was embarrasin I can tell you!!