Punished On My Knees At My School When I Was 4

It was many years ago. Around 1970. That early morning I was sleepy but trying to keep awake enough to go marching from the yard to my class. I found my head too heavy and had it rely on the shoulder of the boy before me. We had to formed infront of one column (one class one column) and then go into school. My school were for boys and girls but boys in the left part of the building and girls in the right. But when you were 4 you went to the right part, with five you reach the left. Supose to be to protect you. You entered the school door begining from the smallest to the oldest kids, so we were the first to enter,
We begun tu reach the door when some disorder begun and the teacher who was in charge saw me and my head on the shoulder so he pick me from my arm and made me to kneel down while the rest of my classmates and the rest of the girlswere acessing to school. It hurt me very much, not phisically. That was my first punishment but not the last.
To pass one, two, or even three hours on your knees, even holding books on outstreched arms and facing the wall (or facing your classmates) where very common on my school. Even some times you have to go to the girls class to kneel down before all the girls. Also to recive strokes on hands...
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i was sent t ocorner standing in school an at home after spankings

I was punished a lot at school but not at home. Home was a safe place for me. On school I had to kneel many times and even 4 was sent to girl's class to kneel infront of them. Was very humilliating. Once with 12 I discover in the middle of a kneeling punishment after a faceslapping that was enjoying it. Since then I love punishment and being punished on knees and handcanning or faceslapping or falaka .... I love the feeling of being humilliated