Punished For NOT Wanking

One of the female teachers at my all boys school did a toilet check. At the time I was in the cubicle having a **** and a ****. The doors had no locks.

Miss Edwards pushed the door open just when I had finished *******. My shorts were at my ankles and I was holding my penis.

"So I have caught you wanking" she said

"Follow me"

In the headmasters study she told Mr Stevens that I had been caught having a ****. I denied it.

Mr Stevens told me that if I admitted it I would be punished but if I continued to deny it he would carry out an enquiry to discover the truth. If he found me guilty then I would be punished for both wanking and lieing and punishment would not end until I pleaded guilty.

I said "I was not wanking"

I was lead to a waiting room and ******** to my briefs.

Within an hour I appeared before Mr Stevens and Miss Edwards.

"I have investigated your case" said Mr Stevenss "and I find you guilty"

Your sentance

1. total nudity all the time
2. when you **** and **** an adult shall be present and observe
3. any male can bugger and **** you at will
4. any staff member (male or female) can spank/cane/whip in any manner
5. females can use ****** up your arse
6. Punishment period 1 year unless you still insist on your innocense in which case punishment is for life

If anyone wants to be my punisher let me know
muddyboy muddyboy
56-60, M
3 Responses Jan 26, 2013

with that as punishment, i would try to be punished

That would be great

Sounds Great . I would love that !

why not try it?

I summons you to report to a cruise club in London