Getting The Strap At School

I was strapped three times at High School.
The first time was for being one of four girls in our 3rd year (13-14) who were being very disruptive in one particular class. We were warned but took no notice. We were told to go and wait outside the Deputy Head's office at lunch time - we thought for a major telling off. Well yes we got a major telling off, then one by one we had to step forward and hold our hand out for three strokes on the palm of each hand. It hurt badly, but I didn't cry, as I was not going to let the Deputy Head see she had upset me.
The second time was just a few months later, one lunch time a friend and I went down to the local shops, not allowed, and were seen by a teacher, we were smoking at the time. We didn't know we had been seen until at afternoon registration we were told to report to the Deputy Head the following day at lunch time. Lunch time was the normal time for such appointments with the Deputy Head. We got exactly the same punishment as last time and the usual drivel about how we had let the school and ourselves down etc etc ad naseum, how distressed our parents would be, you get the drift.
The third time was just a few weeks later, I was 14 almost 15 as was my friend, same girl as above and one of the original four. Caught in town again, smoking. When the order came to report to the Deputy Head the following day we were worried. The Deputy Head was very scathing, pointing out that she had punished us twice with the strap but clearly the punishment had not been sufficient to persuade us to behave and obey school rules. She was going to have to think about how to deal with us, that we were to return the following day and she would tell us after she had had time to think about it. We were worried, we had sort of assumed we would be getting half a dozen strokes of the strap on our hands and that would be the end of the matter, but that was not to be. The following lunch time she told us that she had decided to refer us to the Head Mistress, and that our parents would have to be present at the interview with the Head Mistress, and that expulsion was a possibility. She was arranging the interview for the following day and we were given letters to take home.
We were not to return to school the following day until the time of the appointment, 4pm. What a hell of an evening: livid parents, utterly disappointed in me and of course they had no idea of the two previous incidents, they didn't know I smoked, as a parent myself now, I know how they must have felt, utter distress !! My father made it clear that after having heard what the Head Mistress proposed I could expect further punishment at home, and that he was going all out to persuade the Head not to expel me, it was a very good, high class school, and that if he could succeed in that, I would just have to take whatever alternative punishment the Head mistress decided. I was one very, very unhappy girl, and I was banished to my room for the evening. The following day was worse than dreadful, banished to my room still I had hardly slept, the day dragged and dragged, unill; 4pm. When we got to the school we discovered that my friend Ann was being dealt with first, she and her parents emerged from the Head's study, Ann was sobbing as was her mom and they left with just a cursory nod, Ann looked at me and shook her head, whatever that meant.
We were ushered in to see the Headmistress, she outlined what she called my atrocious behaviour and proclaimed that very strict measures were required if I was to stay at the school. My father immediately responded that he hopped I would be able to stay at the school and that he fully supported whatever strict measures the Headmistress thought best. The sentence was revealed: eight strokes of the strap on my bottom over one layer of clothing, two weeks detention and extra work for a month. I was told to go to the toilets, empty my bladder and remove my tights. I was beyond myself and I could see my mother was very unhappy, my dad looked to be weeping, but I did as I was told, And soon I was back in the Headmistresses study. My father was invited to wait out in the corridor but my mother was asked to remain as a witness, the Dep Head joined us, and I was told to bend over a chair placed in the centre of the room. My skirt was pulled up, my fairly brief. cotton knickers were pulled up tight, and the strapping began. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced, I can't say what it felt like as it felt like nothing else I had experienced. It was bloody, bloody painful and I was sobbing my heart out after the second or third lash. I screamed, I squired, I shouted, I sobbed, I pleaded, I was one very sorry girl and boy Oh boy did she know how to use that strap. Some of the lashes fell on my bare thighs.

Eventually it was over, I was told to stand up, go to the toilets and sort myself out. In the corridor my dad who had heard what was going on gave me a hug, after sorting myself out I had to go back to the Head's study and I got a first class bollocking, but I was in such agony I wasn't really listening, I just wanted to lie down in my bed and cry. 

When we got home I went straight upstairs, not a lot had been said on the way home, my mum especially was very quiet, I knew that she had been in tears whilst I was being strapped, and I heard her say to my dad she thought they had made the wrong decision, it had been so brutal. My mother came up after a time and sat on the bed, she hugged me, said that she hoped I understood why I had been punished, and that she and dad had decided enough was enough and they would not be punishing me, which was a relief because she was quite handy with her hair brush.

Then I had to face ten days of detention, an hour after school every day with pointless work, and extra work to do at home for a month.

The next shock was that Anne's parents had refused to allow her to be punished with the strap and she had been expelled, she ended up at a local Secondary School, where she didn't do very well at all, and I was forbidden to be in touch with her - it had been decided that we were a bad influence on each other. Needless to say, we were in touch soon after.

I left that school without any further punishment there, with sufficient A levels to get me into University.

I think the punishment was too brutal, but I don't argue that some sort of severe punishment was called for. The strap was probably a Scottish tawse I know now, thick brown leather about 18 inches long, with the last third split so two tails administered to punishment. Beware the tawse naughty girls everywhere!!
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Very well written story. The part about your parents change of mind was heart warming. I hide my school punishment from my parents because I expected no sympathy and was embarrassed. I can't imagine them crying as they did it themselves at home. Perhaps when other people do it, it seems worse to parents. They were very supportive of you in the end. They must have really loved you.

Ouch! Thank you for the excellent vivid account of your strapping there. At the all-boys school I went to, the weapon of choice was the cane rather than the strap, but our school was unusual I think in the infrequency with which it was used - being more or less one step short of an expulsion. Coincidentally, unsubstantiated rumours abounded to the effect that being caught smoking in school uniform was one fairly reliable way of actually getting a caning.

I never got spanked at school but my mum told us that the girls used to get the strap at her school, she never said if she was one of them! My mum was pretty handy with her hairbrush at home tho'. Can't imaging bending over in the headmistresses study.

Chilling story thanks for describing what it was like. Maybe you could write a story about what the hairbrush was like at home?

I was never spanked at school but home was another story. Got the strap from mom or dad.