Nude Punishment

Most people from the west would be surprised but being ******** naked as punishment is not that uncommon. I live in a backward country in Asia. I'm now 14, And still am ******** naked though not as often.

My friends have all seen me naked, My little sister too, My neighbours. Me and my sis live with my aunt, She's a strict teacher who tutors us as well. My sister was never ******** naked but I was quite often.

If i ever come back late home, score low marks in my exams, misbehave etc. My aunt would ***** me down to nothing and make me stand while other kids would watch, Sometimes I had to crouch naked in the corner. Other times i was put into exhibition for all the boys and girls in the street to see. It is effective punishment, It changed me for the better. When i was 12 years old, 8 year old girls would point at me and laugh at me as i was standing outside. It made me sure that i don't commit the same mistake again.

It usually never involved spanking , But i was Caned many times, As my younger sis looked on. This may look perverted to the west but it's a very effective method.

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I was also caned naked at boarding school and nudity was also used as punishment . I think the teachers liked us being nude as we were ******** some times for sport or PE or swimming or for having the wrong uniform or creased uniform . We never knew when we were going to be ******** .

It is effective if the person imposing the punishment does not care about your emotional well-being. There are better forms of punishment that don't leave the lasting pshycological scars.

This is a good way to punish a little boys under 18. I also had an experience when I steal a king coconut from others yard and was caught to the owner he handed me to my Dad informing what I did.<br />
My Dad did't waste time and made me to take my all cloths off. I was then 15 years old. Owner of the coconut land and whole my family (Dad, Mom, my two younger brothers and sister). I never had such a punishment but my Dad is very strict person. He never change his decision. I was trembled as he finally commanded me to take underwear off but nothing I had to do than obeying him. <br />
After I was completely naked, I didn't have a time at least to cover up my hidden parts then Dad tied my both wrists at my behind from a rope.<br />
While all neighbors and my whole the family witnessing, he caned on my bottom, back side and on my chest. <br />
I was dancing, kicking to the ground and crying like a baby for about ten minutes. Finally my whole the body was covered from red welts. But Dad didn't stop. <br />
Finally, Dad made me to walk to the tree from which I picked up a king coconut and tied me at the tree as my hands at my back ward.<br />
"You are remaining twelve hours in this tree and remaining naked two weeks son"<br />
That was Dad's decision. It was really happen.<br />
After that I never took anything owns to other people and now I am a polite Man. I respect my parents..

You stole... far cry from the harshness of punishing someone for less fractious errors. It just isn't the same thing. Still... I think your punishment might have been too harsh (the caning).

not uncommon honey....boys deserve some nude punishment..

Boys deserve no more punishment than girls. It is no crime to be born!

I remember having my clothes taken away as punishment on the farm in the 50s. Last time I was 14. I am male and in my 60's now. The only rule was that I had to stay out of my room and still had to do all my chores, eat meals with the family, and play mostly outside during the day; just as normal, no matter who was around, including neighbors who stopped by. If I tried to hide I got a hard spanking and more time without clothes.<br />
<br />
It didn't happen often, maybe 6-7 times in all. It was effective and I was teased by my cousins every time it happened. But I teased them to when they were naked.

What part of the country did this happen in and were you embarrassed sometimes. When you were 14 did you have to take everything off and stay naked for an entire day? What if others came over and did you have sisters and girl cousins and did mom see you naked even at 14. Did you ever get bare bottom spanked at age 14?

How many of your boy couisns were ******** naked for punishment and did you ever see them naked and until what age?

What kind of things did you do to get punished like this?

I'm usually spanked in the nude whoever may happens to be there. It's really embarrassing and I don't know if the reddest is my bottom or my face.

Ouch. Until what age where you spanked naked and who saw you spanked at that age?

Jackspade --<br />
Are you caned at school, too?<br />
Which country do you live in?

We had periods of nakedness as a punishment at school -- especially in the gym classes!<br />
It was sexy (for other boys!!!) to see the marks of the caning which the kid had just been given!

yeah i know how it is too be publiclly embarress while naked

i also know how it feels when people piont at you and laugh when your naked it really sucks

sorry my little brother was on here well i was spanked while naked as a teen it was really embarressing