If i ever acted naughty or misbehaved, just like many other boys i knew. My mother would force me to remove all my clothes, stand upright totally nude and hold my ears as a i sign of forgiveness, It's a common punishment in some parts of india, My mom punished me like till i was 13 or 14, Only male children would be ******** naked as punishment, I have a sister and she was never punished in that way, My sister was younger than me but she was allowed to watch me naked and make fun of me.

My cousin and i skipped school one day and my mom came to know about it, As soon as we both came home, My mom didn't let us inside, She ordered us both to take of our clothes, And do 100 squats while holding my ears, The people in my neighborhood watched us both as we did squats, My younger sister was asked to count how many squats we did and make sure we do exactly 100, My other school friends saw me naked too, I've also seen some of them naked.

I had my revenge sometimes, I would be humiliated by my mom before all my friends sometimes but sometimes i find them naked and i make fun of them for that. It was fun sometimes.

The thing i hate is how my sister never underwent such humiliating punishment, she got let off just because she's a girl, Double standards, It's unfair.

I was punished in the nude atleast once a week till, Sometimes for 2 or 3 hours in a stretch. i was about 14, My mom stopped it by that age, Nudity wasn't my only punishment, my mom sometimes even dressed me in indian female garments but it happened very rarely.

It's wrong but it's so commonplace here that no body even cares.

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When it cms to a girl , it s more awful. I hv experienced it severe times when i was 14,17 and even now!

Why do I get the feeling that nude punishment for boys usually goes on when the dad isn't around.. at least in India

When you were 13 and 14 had you started puberty and had hair growing down there when mom had you ***** naked. I would have died of embarrassment especially when you and your cousin ******** naked outside and did squats. How old were you two and did your mom and others see you naked? How many freinds did you see get naked punishments?

i live in India, in my life 3 times my mom threatened me to *****. 1st when i was 15 yrs old , i scored bad in my class test so she told me if it happened next time she would take all my clothes off and make me naked outside and spank me to see everybody.<br />
2nd one when 18, she again scolded me with saying she would make me naked all the day.<br />
last one when 19. but she never did this. <br />
but nude punishment in India exist . i heard of it but never saw it

hummmmmmmmm............lucky me

it was the same for me . Growing up in the 1950s into the 1960s . Summertimes i was often Naked around the house or just wereing tee.shirt and shorts . i was happy being Naked in frount of people at our house . in the Summer their was no need for Clothes if it was a hot day unless i was going somewere away from home .

Nudity was common and excepted in my family so it in itself wasn't used as a punishment but but spanked or canned while naked was. Most of my relitives have seen my get punished naked as i have seen many of them. I think it adds to the punishment, having to undress in front of people to get punished. It always made me more nervous.

What age were you the last time you were spanked and who in the family and outside the family saw you spanked naked? Did you witness cousins and broithers and sisters spanked bare bottom also? What ages were the freinds or cousins that you saw spanked?

If punishment is equally meted out to boy and girl alike is one thing, but single out the boy or girl only is wrong. The fact that it is accepted in your culture does not make it right. You can forge ahead to change it. When your parents or sister come over now that you are grown up , tell them they have to ***** naked and tell them it is punishment for the disparity in treatment you received. If they refuse enforce it by force if necessary. Let them see how it feels to be treated like that. Then share this with other friends who were treated the same way. Encourage them to do the same. You will see a change happen, once word gets around. You could stop it from happening to future generations,and elicit an apology from your parents and sister on their deplorable conduct. The other way would be to group together with the others who went through this, and shun anyone who did or still does this practice of disparity in treatment. Slam doors in their face , hang up on them when they call, ignore them if they show up at some other function. Make them feel like they are dead to you. Make them feel ashamed of what they did to you. That is not good parenting you received , but abuse from your parents and sister. I don't blame you at all if you feel resentment towards this treatment, cultural norm or not.

it was Quite Acceptable and LEGAL in the 1950s 1960 for Parents to Thrash thrash their youngsters if they did bad things . i was a very NaughtyBoy in my teens in the 1960s . My Mum took me to see the Catholic Priest and he Caned me across my bare bottom . After 6 Whacks i cried . he Then told my Mum to Cane me as hard as she could 6 more times . i was told to stay bending over the sofa in the Priests house until i was told to get up . No Marcy the Priest said to mum as she gave me 6 more whacks . The Priest told my Mum she could take the cane home and use it across David.s bare bottom if and when needed . Mum said it Leaves dark red welts across David.s bottom as her hand was feeling them . yes he said . then we went home . it took a long time to get used to mum caning me . i was stil a very NaughtyBoy . most teenagers are very Naughty . at age 14 i was Smoking and mum caned me severely my bare bottom was red raw . i never ever Smoked again . i think thats why i am a none Smoker today .Respected Gent Age63 years young Looking back . Without Discipline their is CHAOS .

Bet the priest enjoyed the sight of your bare bottom:) Just kidding. Really sorry but I just had to comment. Corporal punishment is sick.

Dosen't seem fair that the girls didn't get punished like that too. Thanks for sharing

if you say girls never went such punishment.but it wasnt me.i used to get hard spanking by dad and step mom.but more humiliating my step mom used to punish me nude and sometime she undress me forcely and asked me to stand on the chair hands on my head.after one hour she asked me to bend on the table or sofa and spank me with belt or water was always because of talk back or getting back grades or lying.and after the hard and long spanking, she will asked me to do corner time nose on the wall and hand raise up so ashamed but i used to get that punishment from child till about 20 years old and year after year she just put more humiliating moment to me like i have to do that punishment at the hall or sometime i have to get the impliment to my stepmom or i have to stand naked hands on my head and my step mom would spank my bottom and thigh but i cant move.if i moved i would get more am i not move if it was so pain and at last it would be severe spanking.

would like to hear more about your punishments if you like to share

i have share it on all my comment and can read it.

My mother, not at all Indian, punished me in a similar manner, with nudity, in front of others. I enjoyed it, and my enjoyment was noticed and commented on by other, including (especially) my younger sister. As I got older, other things, more humiliating, were added to it, but I eventually found ways to enjoy them as well. Despite my enjoyjment, these punishments always reminded me who was in charge.

You can‘t sometimes spank children as frequently and strictly as is necessary for their disciplining so ordering total nudity is a good substitution. It have simly have many adventages: <br />
<br />
It helps to check hygienic and health situation of child. <br />
It inures young bodies.<br />
It helps to find more realistic relationship to child and youth body and to check shame.<br />
It supports parents autorithy if they stay always clothed.<br />
It lets no weals and injuries on youth bodies.<br />
It teaches youths to be grateful for clothes that parents bought them.<br />
It refreshes eyes of older people, especially parents be pleased by their children beauty.<br />
<br />
I was treated in similar way by my parents to my almost seventeen (but my nude punishments were not usually so public) and I am decided to use the same policy against my children. I can confirm from my own experience that the method is very effective and safe for boys to at least 17 years of age but I expect even for older (19-21) and for girls as well.

yes, believe it or not, It is common and a cheap way of keeping children in check, in the poorer neighbourhoods atleast. It is really humiliating but i got used to it soon, you have to get used to. cause my dad's beatings would be even more severe.

I'm sorry that happened to you. It seems awfully cruel. Thanks for sharing, though; I never would have guessed that was a common punishment.

I'm sorry that happened to you. It seems awfully cruel. Thanks for sharing, though; I never would have guessed that was a common punishment.