Nude Punishment,great Fun

It is very common in this part of India, where I live.Near Ganga Canal,Mothers ***** there boys, not so young, fully grownupdicks,and ask them to jump into the Canal. Take it as a sport or as a punishment, it is fun for all and for the boys too.wihin few minutes he is joined by other boys and the fun starts.Jumping and swimming in the canal , all nude.In some melas,even girls enjoy this, with full backing of their mothers..
So I as a teacher, do use these tricks
Hope boys will be joined byngirls in writing there experiences. I see it as fun, not punishment
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That is true; When Mom told me to take off my closes, I knew I was going to recieve a punishment and started to cry (I was a kid), then Mom didnĀ“t hit me , but let me naked for the rest of the day; some minutes later arrived some mate friends of mine; my Mom let them come in; i told them my situation ; they understood and they joined in my nudity; we went to the backyard and started to run in circles waving our dicks and balls; punishment ended in fun, but mother said nothing.

I have seen boys bathing nude in rivers but that was heir daily routine and not a punishment.

what you telling it is very common, teen boys many times bath semi nude or nude in canals and rivers, but yes sometimes they also get nude punishment, i was also punished naked sometimes when i was teen boy, you can check it.

how you are punished naked? tell us your story

yes, sometines i was punished naked, will write about it. but it was different like jumping nude in canal .

yes, sometines i was punished naked, will write about it. but it was different like jumping nude in canal .

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I would like to become your friend because i am interested in knowing about your country. Pls add me.

How old were the boys that you saw their mothers telling them to ***** off the cvlothes and get naked? Did many of the boys have hair growing down there too and were they not embarrassed? How many woman saw the boys naked?

For the sake of your non-Indian readership, you should clarify the term "mela." According to Wikipedia, it is a Sanskrit word meaning 'gathering' or 'to meet' or a Fair.

Sounds lovely, I would have no problem swimming naked as part of a big group.

I love being "forced" to be naked, in front of others, who are clothed. It's humiliating, which I love. :)

have you ever got punished nude ?