Made To Stand Naked At The Toilet

after dad had finished with the belt on my naked as and i had washed my soiled sheet in the bath tube and hung them out i would return to the house and be sent to the oilet whee i had to stand naked hands on head facing the toilet with the door open so all could see my whipped *** i would havee to stand there up to three hours. once my sheet were dry and i had made my bbed ws i permited to take a shower and get dressed
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I'm sorry this happened to you. Kids should never be spanked for wetting the bed.

I was a bed wetter until age 10-1/2 but my parents just bought me pull-ups and it went away within a year but if I had been punished instead It would've stayed a lot longer

I feel bad for you man

I was also a bed wetter until about 10. I can remember what would happen clearly. I would be dreaming that I was in the bathroom, and would wake up urinating in my bed, typically, but by then it would be too late. Sometimes I would just be too sound asleep to wake up at all. My parents researched this as much as they could, apparently, and found this device that would shock you if the bed was wet. Seems like it had a loud buzzer too. Although I can't remember the details specifically, it affected me for the rest of my life, and even now, I can't sleep if I have a bladder that is even a tiny bit full. I always get up several times a night to empty my bladder, and probably never got a really good night's sleep after that, but hey, it worked. Bad as it sounds, it was probably more effective and humane than all the paddlings others got.

I had this problem until I was maybe in the sixth grade (11 yo). My parents tried a lot of things but never spanking. They even put me in diapers after I had been out of them for two years. Finally, they took me to womack army hospital and I had a penile endoscopy and they discovered I had a bladder 1/4 the size of the average person my age. They attempted to stretch it out by pumping saline through a catheter into my bladder (seven times they did this [thinking about it now they were sort of stupid]). They would pump until it was hard for me to hold... once I let go of the stuff on accident and it went everywhere (I kind of liked doing that. I felt like they were getting away with torturing me a little and it was good to give them a little bit in return).

These parents that spank their children for bed wetting should be whipped. There are lots of children out ther that can't help it. I know, i was one of them. Up until i was 16, i had trouble with bed wetting. Do you think i did it on purpose, Hell no. I was never punished, just encouraged not to.

You are absolutly right. There is almost always a cause for it and it is hardly ever because the child is lazy and would rather lay in pee than get up and use the bathroom. There is a reason that kids cry when they are wet... they don't like it!

If the stupid offending parent or parents are still alive, pee into a large bottle until it is filled up. Then go over to their house and explain to them that while you are sleeping , that their are some people who do not wake up from deep sleeps to go to the bathroom. It's a medical condition that they possibly could have helped you through in stead of humiliating and abusing and abasing you. Then, take the hidden bottle of urine with a sprayer attachment on it, and let them have it. It will definitely make you feel better about yourself and get rid of a lot of anger for the way you were abused. It will get your point across very well to them.

yes david i can so relater

First, I want to say that I do not doubt the truthfulness of anyone posting here. I can only say that the level of vicious child abuse simply boggles the mind. The perpetrators should have been subject to stiff civil fines and a few days in jail. Then sent to anger management and child rearing classes, unless the level of abuse was so severe as to warrant placing you in foster care.

Well I would often wet the bed and after the first night I would get a good spanking while my wet pj's were pushed into my mouth for me to suck. But if I wet the bed two (or more) nights running after my spanking (again with my pj's in my mouth, my foster aunt would make me drink a glass of her warm pee. "If you like it that much you can drink it". Frequently I get another good spanking after.


your foster aunt disgusts me!!!!! you could not help wetting the bed.

Oh my gosh, poor you.

That sounds sounds disgusting and making you drink it?

And where the heck did she get it from?

Peade the last one was to

yes i can relate i would be sobbing the whole time as i tried to pull the sheet off the bed my *** on fire not being permited to put any clothes oon to cover my burning ***

when i wet my bed as eary teen i wuld be naked an dad gave me the belt over my wet bed an then had to chance the sheets after that it is very hard changing your wet bed after one of dads betl spanking