Almost Always Naked

I was punished with nudity and spanking and I continued the tradition with my two daughters, who are now 20 and 22. I am a single Mom, as was my Mom.

When we got in trouble as kids, the punishment was that we had to get completely naked (we ******** ourselves or got worse) and endure a strapping all over out bodies. And I mean ALL OVER!. The strap was soft and now that I think back the purpose was more to humiliate us than to hurt us. It stung bad and made our bodies all red, but didn't bruise or anything like that.

Believe me the humiliation was enough. We had to endure this with others around too who were family members or friends who also punished this way. When the spanking was over we had to stay naked the whole week and if we broke any more rules, we got more time added. And you couldn't cover up with your hands or anything or you would get spanked more. It was bad enough that each day in punishment you had to endure a strapping.

As we got older, more rules were added to the nude groundings. By the time I was 12 (I had older siblings) we were not allowed to be behind any closed doors including the bathroom and no shower curtain. No privacy whatever. Also, no pubic hair, so if we had any, it had to be shaved. It was really humiliating by age 14 or 15 to be naked and bald when one of my sisters had a sleepover. Since there was no privacy, no ************ was permitted either. It was horrible.

Since I could not stop breaking the rules, or do chores naked, or whatever else, I always tried to sneak in ************, but was always caught before I got to ***. I was naked pretty much 100 percent ot the time from age 13 to age 18 and I was a very horny teenager and was not allowed to ***.. Even if I had to go to a friends or family members house, If they participated in this type of discipline, I had to be naked there too. When I went out, I was only allowed a thin tight men's guinnie style tee shirt, which was very see through and revealing.

I lived in a small town. so pretty much everyone was a participant. Goodness!! I pretty much grew up naked!!

So, my daughters grew up under the same rules.
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Yes, entertaining, but no way it can be true.

Sorry I cannot believe this..but if it is fiction, its an imaginative story !

Discipline and humiliation are strong ways to guide one - i am glad you have carried on what your mother taught you. I also find that moms of daughters, have the same needs - so i hope you have someone in your life that helps keep you in the straight and narrow.

I am not sure what punishment by nudity was trying to do, other than humiliate you. Do you still love your mother? At some point, I think that I would have resented my mother. I was belted twice in my life, both times when I was in 6th grade. Since then, my father and I's relationship was never the same. I was not close to him and pretty much hated him all through growing up. Those punishments (and others) were unnecessary.
I have a 21yr old and a 14yr old and have never laid a hand on them. I am very close to both of them. Family members and guests always tell us how nice our kids are. And they have never had detention in school. Punishment for disciplinary measures have always fit the crime.
Just my input.

I fully believe this story.

sounds good. sounds like you still want that