When I was young I was often punished via humiliation, usually in the form of nudity. It was pretty effective, I would get so embarrassed. My dad was usually gone on business leaving just me and my mom. My naked punishments started when I was old enough to be embarrassed. One time when I was probably seven my mom and I were in Walmart. I was being kind of obnoxious and mom my told me that she. Would ***** me naked right here and now if I kept it up, well I didn't stop and the next thing I knew my mom had pulled my shorts and underwear down and demanded that I step out of them. I begged her not to be she would not listen. When I stepped out of them I reached up and pulled my shirt down to cover myself and she said oh no, you have to take that off too. I begged her not to make me, but she was already pulling the shirt over my head. So there I was, completely naked in the middle of Walmart. There were so many people looking at me, mainly other moms who would look at me and giggle, and then praise my mom for her methods. There were also several teenaged girls who saw me and laughed, I was trying to hide behind my mom, but she told me to step out from behind her and tell them why I was naked. I did and they all died laughing. I was starting to cry so I took off into one of the clothes sections. My mom yelled at me to stop, but I was too embarrassed. Next thing I knew she had the whole group of girls looking for me. One of them finally found me and she started screaming to all of her friends they all came up to me and my mom asked if they wanted to give me a spanking for being bad. Of course they all volunteered. So they drug me over to one of the benches and the one who found me sat down. My mom told me to lay over her lap so i did and the girl started spanking me. All of them squealed with delight and then they took turns giving me a spanking. Finally my mom told them that we had to leave. And we walked to the front of the store. We went through the check out line and the giggling cashier lady told my mom that I could not be naked here. She said that we were just leaving and that I was being punished. The lady said that it was ok. When we walked out of the store more people saw me and laughed. I finally got to the car and my mom buckled me into my car seat. She then lectured me about being more respectful and then she finally took me home. I was so embarrassed.
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She should have spanked you right there, too. Was your *** visibly red after the girls spanked you?