One time when I was about 10 my mom caught me telling a lie. She was super mad and she told me that I would be punished over the weekend. After school on Friday she came to pick me up. She was parked in the school parking lot and was standing outside of the car when I walked up. She told me that my punishment starts now and to take off all of my clothes. I begged her to wait until I got home but she refused. I slowly took off my clothes and handed them to her I ran over to the car door but it was locked. I begged her to let me in, but she said that I had to wait one minute. I almost panicked. There were so many parents, girls my age, and even highschool girls in the parking lot many of them saw me and a crowd of girls gathered around me and they began to laugh. I was now in tears and my mom told me to explain my situation. They all thought that this was hilarious. I stood there facing the car with my hands covering my front. But they could all see my butt. By the time that the minute was up there was a huge crowd of girls, from my class and the highschool all laughing at me. My mom unlocked the door and I jumped in the car and crouched in the floor board still crying. My mom took me home and lectured me all the way there about honesty. I was made to stay naked all weekend. The next Monday when I went back to school. It seemed like the whole school new and they were all laughing at me. I have never Been so humiliated.
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Aug 24, 2014