Naked Week
Part 1
One time, I was probably about 11 years old I made my mom really mad. I think that I talked back when she told me to do something. She told me that my punishment was to go a week without clothes. I was pretty worried, but i did not think too much of it because it was summer, and I didn't really have to go anywhere. The first day I had planned to just stay home and do nothing, but my mom had other ideas. She told me to get in the car, because she had to run some errands, I protested saying that I could not go outside because I was naked. She said that this was part of my punishment and reminded me not to talk back. She told me that if I talked back again she would invite our neighbor and her two teenage daughters over for supper. I knew that that would be very embarrassing so I kept my mouth shut. The errands were uneventful, except for one moment in the line for the bank drive through where a girl in the car next to us saw me and laughed. When we got home I ran back into the house and was only seen by our elderly neighbor. The next day was uneventful my mom made me clean the house, still nude. I had to take the trash out to the curb and a few people saw me naked as they drove by, but it was nothing compared to the humiliation to come. The next day was the day that my moms book club was supposed to come over. I had planned to stay in my room, away from the eyes of the 8 other middle aged women who would be in the house. I heard them all come in and I snuck over to the stairs so that I could here what they were saying. I heard my mom tell them about my punishment and that I was upstairs naked right now. I heard them all laugh, and then they said that they were fine with seeing me naked if she wanted me to be punished by coming down stairs. My heart almost stopped. The next thing I knew I heard my mom yell for me to come downstairs. I froze, panicked at the fact that I would soon be naked in front of all of them.
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Aug 24, 2014