I Was Never Aware That Life Is Going To Teach Me This Much Big Lesson

i used be a very innocent boy in my childhood. never fought with anyone and never did any harm to any one. then time changed and i grew up. but if nothing could changed then it was me. it was perhaps my biggest drawback. no one knows that what is hiiden in the forthcoming days. so did i. with the passing time i became young and started learning the tacts and tricks of life to survive. i was learning these quickly and soon i became a successful person in my surroundings.  with the time and the deman of the time i learnt everything but these new tacts and tricks were litile uninteresting for me because from deep inside me i was always stoped by some one to not be like others but i had no choice or perhaps i was not so strong to decide something which i really wanted. with the time i got married and this was the turning time for me. everything went against me and i lost everything. there was a clash with my wife and it became so bitter and blunt that ended into a litigations of dowry demands and other allegations. i became hopeless and everything for me stopped at that time. i loved her very much and could never expect that she will allege eme falsely at this extant.i decided to quit from everything. i wanted to run away from the situation like a coward and decided to end the life because i had lost my precious thing. i tried but dont knw why it could be possible. i am still alive. i died every day. then decided to fight her allegations in the court room and to bring the truth to every one . but when the time came of the final decision of the case , truth was burried deep and i was held guilty for that which i never did. the day on which i was convicted was the worst day of my life and perhaps the most beautiful day.after holding me guilty the judge called me to come back to hear the quantum of sentence after a week. i went back to my home. and trust me the most painful phase of my entire life was over me. there was no other thing in my mind except it that i have lost. truth has lost. it was not my defeat it was defeat of the all genuiness and trueness and for me the God has lost this battel with the devil. i was so weak and poor at that time and nothing was good to me at this time. the day went pass because one or other friend was with me but when the night came this feeling started to overpower me and the life was no more important to me. i deciced to quit from every thing and was questioning god that what he has deciced for me? if it is the all which he is to give me then i say no to every thing and i quit. i was crying my soul was crying. for the all night there were so many thoughts going on my head and all were declaring the life useless and porpuseless and so there was only one thing was left to me as a choice that i quit.

any how morning came. i left the bed and switched on the tv. the first programme i saw on the tv was like a message to me by the God. A preacher was telling about how God acts for his people. and the lines she said for it were perhps only for me. "i got the message and it was not to stop here and fight some more. i never loose to devil and vicious things. this is the entire truth of the life. nothing is true or false what we accepts is true to us only and what we denise is false and baseless. so it is worthless to be clung in this dilemma come out and see me . i am here accept me i am the only truth  what you are searching. i will take you to your place. dont stop here. i need people who can teach the others so i am teaching you myself. you are in this phase because i am teaching you. you will be out from it when you will understand what i want you to do. just give me your pain it is your purist gift to me. i never leave my people. my people leave me.

after it my all pain and torment went away like a magic and i am feeling so light that a feather flying with the wind. now i have porpuse and a life to live only god can turns me away from it. thank you God for being there for me.

sharat1981 sharat1981
26-30, M
Feb 26, 2010