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Diapered Again

I had been a chronic bed-wetter throughout my childhood and well into my teens. My parents tried all the 'remedies' that were popular at that time (late 50's and 60's), I had plastic mattress covers, nothing to drink after a certain time, parent getting me up in middle of night to go to bathroom,,,, nothing worked. Mom had threatened to resort to diapers if I didn't stop wetting,, but even the years of threats never did it.
One evening when I was about 10 or 11, my mom told me to go get my bath,, it was a little earlier than usual,, but not so much as to be alarming or suspicious. When she heard me get out she told me to come into the living room before anything else. She was sitting on the couch and on the table in frontr of her sat a stack of cloth diapers, diaper pins, baby lotion and baby powder. She explained that she was tired of having to ***** my bed and wash my sheets everyday and that if I was going to continue to wet the bed,, then I'd have top wear diapers and doing a load of diapers in the wash each week was going to be easier than sheets every day. With the prospect of having to wear diapers like a baby I threw an absolute tantrum!! I cried,, I pleaded, I promised, I swore that I would never wet the bed again if I wouldn't have to wear a diaper. After about 30 minutes of that, mom told me to lie down on the couch, that all my tantrums were not going to prevent my being diapered. Once I was on the couch she told me to raise my bottom and she placed the thick diaper underneath me. She opened my legs and smeared the baby lotion all over my bottom, between my legs and my front,, after that she then sprinkled the baby powder over me. She pulled the end of the diaper up between my legs, pushed my little penis down into the diaper and firmly pinned the corners at my waist. She told me to stand up and she felt all around my waist and leg openings to make sure it was secure and would not gap open. She had not gotten any plastic pants yet, so she improvised by getting one of her old panty-girdles and pulling it up my legs and over my diaper.
That evening began a nightly ritual that lasted until I was around 15. I hated wearing diapers at first but after the first few nights I began to enjoy the added attention I got from my mom while she diapered me and I soon enjoyed the feeling of comfort, protection and security the diapers gave me. I guess my mom knew best,, because my diapers were almost always soaked in the morning. Many times my mom would come and check my diaper during the night and if I was already wet,, she would change me then,, and chances were pretty good I'd still be wet again in the morning when I woke up.
I don't remember being diapered as being 'punishment' or 'humiliation' although I do recall being diapered one evening in front of company. If I was out shopping with my mom in a department store,, mom would sometimes hold up plastic pants to me to see if they were large enough to fit me over my diapers. The only times I ever wore diapers other than at night was if I was staying home from school when I was sick,, then mom would usually keep me diapered the entire time,,, pretty smart if I was having diahrhea or something.
After I was no longer wearing diapers I would have the occasional wetting accident, but nothing like I had been. I have always maintained very fond memories of having to wear diapers again in my teens. When I was in my 20's I wanted to try them again and I got a package of Pampers,, but I knew they were going to be too small,, I tried to wear it inside tight fitting panties but it just didn't feel right. I still have a desire to wear diapers,, but I haven't gotten any that I know will fit me. One of these days I just might!!!
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That is a great story. My early years were similar, and I always missed the diapering after it stopped.

You may be a tranny and want to be a girl, but how could you not get an erection receiving so much intimate attention from your mum?

I went back to nappies at night during my teens following a very embarrasing visit to the doctors and referal to the continence nurse to see why I still wet the bed most nights at 15. After that it became accepted in our family I wet the bed and probably always would.

Yes, as others have expressed, you're lucky to have had a mom that didn't ridicule you into diapers, but rather did it matter-of-factly to reduce the laundry load.<br />
<br />
By now you must have discovered that there are LOTS of adult diaper types and sizes to fit even the biggest of lil babies. And, there's lot of others to share your stories with, too.<br />
<br />
Have fun and enjoy....<br />
<br />

I love this story. It's similar to so many experiences that I hear from bed wetters. I think the common theme is that diapers are the most sensible solution for all concerned and that the act of diapering older children brings them closer to there mothers. I think you had a great mom and you should be very thankful.<br />
<br />
Aunty Jaz xx

I am VERY thankful,,, mom lovingly diapered me for years and never complained to me about having to do it,,, it was something that she felt was her responsibility

twas a few weeks. Sometimes I would be with her shopping in a department store and she would hold a pair of plastic panties up to me to see if they might fit. Once she found a pair she switched between the plastic pants and the panty girdle. I enjoyed that the plastic pants were not as tight as the girdle and I kinda slid around in them. It was easier during changes because they snapped up, so all she had to do was unsnap the pants, pull off the wet diaper and put a fresh one on me.