Yes Its True!!

i wish it wasnt this way, but im afraid thats the way its going to end up!!! i just dont have it in me to be in a relationship!! being alone scares me, but i just dont know how to get involved in a relationship!! it all seems very good, but overly complicated, and im just not sure i could handle it, but at the same time, i always wonder what it would be like to be in love!!!
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I know, it's such a dilemma!

thanks for your comments guys!! i really appreciate your support!!!

I'm in my fifties and am in the same boat. Since you are so young, I believe you have the ability to shape your future. Go out and find places to meet people. Women can always find company, thats a no-brainer. Guys must work a hundred times harder, but it can be done. That's how you find someone, you must sift through the chaff, you can't expect to find your true love in the first person you meet. Don't waste your life looking only for Mr. Right, you may overlook a wonderful person that doesn't meet your definition of who you want. Also don't wait too long to get started, once you get to my age it's basically over.

awww.... : (<br />
I sympathize with your bleakness. <br />
Nothing is absolute though. <br />
Crazier things than shy people finding love happen all the time.

Hey be happy and enjoy what you have. Being alone i realize is the pits and have been this way myself all my life. Comiong frm a big clan no one cared and yet I survived. Try to do some new thinngs and you just might be surprised in what takes place.