My Punishment For Lying To My Mistress.

As some of my friends know last weekend I was being punished by my Mistress.

I had damaged the front wing of her car and had not reported it to her as soon as I got home, the next day I also forgot to tell Mistress and the day after she noticed the damage and asked for an explanation.
I told Mistress that I knew nothing about it and had no idea how it had happened, (what I did not know was that she had already spoken to one of my work colleagues who had told her how I had done it and that I had told her that I knew that I was in trouble for damaging the car.)
Mistress quizzed me again and I told her that it must have happened in the car park, (I lied.) Mistress then informed me that **** had told her all about it and I was going to be severely punished for 1) lying, 2) not telling her immediately about the damage and 3) damaging the car it’s self.
My punishment was to be in four parts;
1 For the damage to the car: babyslave would receive a 2 litre lemon and ginger enema and when full be placed in a nappy and plastic baby pants and be strapped face down spread eagled in my cot for 12 hours.
2 For not telling about damaging the car immediately: babyslave would be strapped to the whipping post for 12 strokes of the rattan cane on her naked arse and left on display for 4 hours
3 For lying to Mistress Sandie: babyslave would be suspended by her wrists, her legs secured spread 36” apart and babyslave would receive 12 strokes of the rubber flogger to each ***, 12 strokes of the 2” leather strap to each inner thigh, 12 strokes of the riding crop to her ****/****, this would be administered to her ****/**** after her **** lips had been clamped and pulled aside exposing her ****. babyslave would then be lowered until her feet touched the floor where she would be left suspended on display for 6 hours.
4 For putting Mistress Sandie in a position which necessitated punishing her slave: babyslave would be put to the sybian for no less than 10 hours but no more than 15 hours.

Friday evening my punishment started, I received the enema and spent the night in bondage in my cot slowly leaking my enema into my nappy as my arsehole burned terribly.
The enema going in was bad but nothing like when it came out.

Saturday (am) after I was released and cleaned I was lead to the whipping post and secured, my legs were spread and Mistress administered 12 strokes of the cane, one stroke every minute. I was left on display for the full four hours.

Saturday (pm) after I was released from the whipping post my wrists were attached to a spreader bar and my ankles to another, I was winched up until my feet were about 6” off the floor, Mistress then proceeded to whip my **** with the rubber flogger, one stroke every minute. She then used the strap on my inner thighs, as near to my **** as possible without actually striking it, again one stroke every minute.
A cable was attached to the spreader bar holding my legs apart and my legs were pulled up and away from my body and then secured exposing my **** to Mistress and allowing an excellent target for her crop, Mistress then attached two clamps to each **** lip and pulled them apart and secured the clamps to my whipped thighs, Mistress then proceeded to whip my ****/**** 12 times, one stroke every minute.
When Mistress had finished whipping my ****/**** my legs were lowered but the clamps remained on and I was lowered to the floor, I was then left on display for six hours.
During this time Masters and Mistresses paraded their slaves in front of me explaining that this is what would happen to them if they ever lied to their Master/Mistress.

I was eventually released, the clamps removed and after a sister slave had washed me and treated my flesh I was placed in a pair of very loose plastic pants, my wrists locked to my collar which was locked to a chain from the top of my cot and I was left for the night.

Sunday I was taken naked to the sybian after I had been given food supplements and energy drinks. My wrists were cuffed above me and I was suspended about the sybian, my legs were spread as were my **** lips and I was lowered on to the sybian.
The sybian had been fitted with two ******, the one in my **** was about 12” long and 8” in circumference and the one in my arsehole was 10” long and 5” in circumference, once I had been lowered fully onto the ****** weights were attached to my ankle cuffs and the sybian was switched on.

I passed out 4 times during my time on the sybian and was each time brought round using smelling salts, at the end of my ordeal/punishment I was made to clean the sybian using my mouth and tongue before again being placed in loose plastic pants and again chained in my cot.

I had to wear a nappy for three days as mu arsehole took that long to close sufficiently for me to stop my filth from escaping. My arsehole, ****, **** lips and **** are still very tender and I am sure it will be several weeks until all my whip marks have gone.

Did I deserve such a harsh punishment? Yes. Please make your comments.
Have I learned from my punishment? Yes.
Should I have been punished more harshly? Please post your comments.

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I wish I had a mistress like yours that takes time punishing you. I like the sound of what your mistress is into. I am looking for a master or mistress just like this. Could I contact your mistress?

You could only contact my Mistress if you are a clairvoyant, if you had taken the trouble and a little time to read my profile you will have seen that my Mistress passed away a few years ago now.
If you are serious about becoming a slave/sub to someone you should at least take the time to read their profile or get to know the people first.

I'm sorry to hear about that. I was caught up in the moment and I'm sorry.

No problem lobbxxxxxx.
Sometimes excitement does get the better of us.
No offence taken by the way.

Have you got a new mistress now?

No hun. No one could ever replace Mistress sandie. I did have a lot of offers but turned them down as i was offered my freedom by Mistress sandie at her bequest. I am now exploring my Dominant side more.
As her alpha slave i was called on to disciplin other slaves and also prepair them for punishments and found that i quite enjoyed it so Mistress sandie tought me quite a lot as far as bondage, discipline and als sensual torture goes, i also enjoy using humiliation on other girls as a form of dominance.

Ever thought of taking on another slave?

I have thought of taking on another real life slave girl so my kitten can have a playmate and someone whom she can practice on. Interested??

Do you remember me?

Of course.

So don't you remember leaving?

I never left. I have always been here.
You were unsure of what you wanted.
I still think you would make a good slave girl and after thinking about your wants and needs i am sure that a nice neo-steel chastity belt would come into the equasion to satisfy your needs and a Mistresses.

I told you what I wanted. You didn't want that. So make up your mind

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you, as babyslave ,, have been well punished. However, I want to acknowlegde how skillfully you described your punishment.
your Mistress is quite skilled, serve her well !

My worst punishment that I ever received was for lying to my mistress. It was rough but def not as close to the punishment you received. But I def know that I will never ever lie to my mistress again. Perhaps I will write about it one day

I so hope you do, it is always nice to compair how different Mistresses treat their slaves.
I did deserve the punishment but it was harsh.

I wish i could be strapped to the sybian your soo lucky i want a sybian badly

Hi curiouslyseeking555.<br />
<br />
I was not gagged for any of the punishment as Mistress always enjoyed hearing me scream and beg for the punishments to stop.<br />
I once witnessed Mistress ****** whilst listening to my screams during a punishment.

wow now i know never to lie to my miss my punishment might be just as bad