I Think Of Her As A Saint

My mother was married when I was conceived but he isn't my father. They returned state side during the pregnancy and I was born at the hospital where my maternal grandmother worked as a nurse. Her best freind Nora was the one on duty that night and told me about the delivery every year on my birthday until she passed away about 10 years ago. The night I was born there was a brilliant spring thunderstorm and the hopsital lost power and the nurses had to rush around to close the windows since the patients were getting wet. Nora always called me a demon child and I think she is spot on.
Anyway, the next day my mother was scheduled to be released from the hospital. My hair turned overnight from black to red and she so was upset about having a redheaded baby that she forgot to take me with her. My grandma named me and took me home. The first picture I have of me is at 3 months old with my grandma sitting on the couch holding me and my sister looking on.
My mother's husband left right after I was born, my mother married a man who adopted us when I was 2 and we lived as a family for a few years. In 3rd grade my mother ran off with the mailman and moved to Florida. Her husband became an alcoholic for the next 15 years and my sister and I moved in with Grandma and Papa. My mother's younger sister was so inspired by this that she also left her husband and left her 2 boys with Grandma and Papa too. My grandmother worked the night shift at the hospital and cared for 4 kids, 2 in grade school, one aged 4 and another in diapers. We lived very happily for the next few years this way without any contact with our mother or any financial aide for my grandparents. These were the happiest years of my childhood.
When I was 12 I moved in with my mother in Florida who had married yet again. We have never gotten along. I have never been good enough for her even though I was an honor student, never drank or smoked and never came home pregnant. I think the problem stems from my conception alone. A constant reminder of something she refuses to talk about.
I don't know how I would have survived without my grandmother. I go home to see her as often as I can and she just turned 93 this year and still lives alone and is fiesty as ever. I think if her as "Saint Cleo". I love her dearly and have the fondest memories of growing up with my grandparents. It was the best situation I could ever have asked for and learned so many things that I would have missed if I hadn't been with them. I love music from the 40's, black and white movies and all things retro. She taught me to cook and bake from scratch, grow a garden and too many other things to list here. What a wonderful woman she is and she is certainly the biggest influence in my life.
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Hi there - are you still in Florida? I'm doing a project on people like ourselves - I was raised by my grandparents - and it would be great to talk on the phone or via Facebook? I'm ba<x>sed in the UK, and coming to the States in April - May, though not coming to Florida - I can tell you where I'm headed - and provide a reference from the charity that is sending me, this is genuine! Completely understand if you prefer not to respond, and wish you good health and happiness regardless. Best wishes, Leon