Grandpa's Girls Are a Rare Breed

My story begins with the early childhood death of my aunt, Kathy. There was a house fire that my buxom grandfather couldn't save her from. The information I have is limited; although to my knowledge by the time rescuers got there it was beyond to late. My grandparents did have more children after Kathy's passing. Never any more girls; a total of five boys.

I wasn't expected or talked about before my mother got pregnant. In fact, she had her tubes tied two years before she met my father. She was a single mother of two kids in the mid-eighties and chose not to have any more. Stage left, she meets my father who was 6 year her junior. At 22; 1983 my dad became a father for the first time. This wasn't my mom's first time, just her first time with someone who wanted to stick around.

Since my Father was so young and not exactly financially stable they moved in with my Grandfather. After my birth I never spent one minute with out my Grandpa by my side. I had colic as an infant; most children calm down in their parents arms. The only person who could get me to hush for more than a breath was my Grandpa. With in the first few months it was more than clear that there was a greater connection between the two of us.

Being that my father was so young, my mother had 2 children and a business to run my grandfather picked up the slack. As a child I never thought much about it. I just assumed that the average grandparent was that involved with their grandchildren. After his passing did I learn what a void he filled and left. In all honesty I consider him my "Father Figure" not my biological dad.

A side-note, the majority of my closest friends were all raised by their grandparents. We share something that the major part of the world never experienced.
BettyBetty BettyBetty
22-25, F
May 3, 2007