Life As I Knew It

I live with my mom, but my grandparents practically raised and took care of me.

It's funny how parenting comes so easy for some people, and then some never get the hang of it at all.

I was in a car wreck thar paralyzed me when I was 3, and I don't think my parents were ready to take on something they had no control over. They stayed at work mostly after that trying. To earn extra money for my medical expenses. And although they had good intentions, they never took the time out, even a few hours, to give me the care and nurture I was desperately looking for.

Then as I grew up, my parents grew apart. Alcohol came in between them, and they stayed drunk more than they were sober. Parties became a regular routine in the household, and that's not a place I liked to call home.

Mom started seeing someone too. Everyone knew it, everyone except my dad. Part of me thinls he knew, but jist didn't want to admit it to himself. Sometimes it's easier to believe the lies than face the truth of reality. But my dad couldn't deny it any longer when he saw the proof for himself. It only led to fights and more drinking from there, and in the end, it eventually led to separation too.

My parent weren't cut out for caring for another person. That's when my grandparents stepped in. They made sure my mind was holding up fine when my parents didn't. They put a smile on my face when they saw my frowns. When my parents stayed at work, my granny made sure I was always at school and I had food in my stomach. They've done so much for me though, that words can't even begin to express the gratitude I feel towards them.

My parents have straightened up some now, but I'll never give them full credit for raising me all those years they were never here for me.

LifeOfAGingerKid LifeOfAGingerKid
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012