Young Parent With Young Parents

My mom was born in 1982 and my dad in 1981.i was born in 2000. My brothers were born in 1996. (Mom born in January Brothers born in November)
They were 15 and 16 I think when Noah and Hunter were born and they were 18 and 19 when I was born.
Right now my mom is 31 and my dad is 32. I am 13 and my two brothers are 17.
I have a son myself named Keaton who is 19 weeks old.
My brother Noah got a girl pregnant when he was 14. God we are a messed up family
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4 Responses Nov 4, 2013

not really back In the 50's and 20's it was common for young parents to have a lot of children.

totally seems a happy family yet!!! all are young and a better understanding?

No you're not:) you still have each other al least:)

Your not messed up at all! I hope everything is okay with you and your son god bless!