I Wonder How Things Would Be Different

I was raised Catholic by parents who believed in attending Church but were otherwise not practicing Catholics. I grew up not respecting that choice (the word "frustrated" should appear in this sentence somewhere to better represent my view at the time), but can understand why they struggled to commit.
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I don't really understand how you claim to have been raised Catholic yet your parents did not practice and just attended church. Surely just attending church does not make someone a practicing Catholic ... do you wish they had been more committed?

I was raised Catholic too, but my mom was Catholic, dad was Jewish! When mom died, we continued going to Mass and attended a convent school. I had many issues and questions, (which I've written stories about here) and was finally barred from Mass, Communion, Chapel and Catechism at the age of 12. I studied to convert to Orthodox Judaism 6 years later, after I 'became' an adult. Dad felt his promise to my mom stood as long as I was a 'child' and could only give me his blessing to change my religious beliefs after 18. My conversion was a 2 year process in which I was taught by a previous Chief Rabbi, his wife and various other teachers.<br />
I am now a Christian, come full-circle. It's complicated, but my journey has been interesting and challenging. I never lost faith in God as my Father, Creator and Sustainer. I believe I have an understanding and faith that brings me peace and clarity.<br />
What has your journey been? Are you a church-goer? Does religion/faith leave you cold, or did you, like me, strive to find a path that made sense to you? I hope you do not mind me asking, and I am not going to try to convert you. I belive that each of us is brought on a journey and the decisions are made dependant on where we are and what is asked of us at the time. I'm only interested at Catholics have a different mind-set to many others, and always seem guilt-driven (Catholic-guilt!) to seek out their own truth. X@

I think they were true...for them Church was a culture..maybe less than part of religion?<br />
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Regardless, I think we develop kinship and communicate values and information via a collective. However, it is only alone that we truly know religion. For religion or a connection with a higher power is driven by a deep seated frailty within us. <br />
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So.....<br />
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Maybe what I am saying is that the collective experience really has very little to do with the personal experience. <br />
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Hmmm...now I am confused...Told you I was a bit rusty?