Not Even Christmas And Easter Anymore

My whole family is Catholic. I was raised Catholic. I attended Catholic School until grade 8 and even while attending Public School, I still occasionally went to to mass and catchecism classes so I could go through Confirmation. At the time it was the way things were, I identified myself as being Catholic the way some people identify as being blue-eyed, or freckled, it was just this built-in given in my life.

But my mother became a catholic in name only, no longer even attending church on the big days (Easter and Christmas), and as I moved through my teens and my early 20's I also fell away.

Now, I can't really say I'm catholic, I don't even think I'm Christian. My spiritual relationship with the universe and the big unknown is strictly my own, and although I do find I miss the sense of community and together-ness the church provided, I don't think I could ever return without feeling like I was doing something wrong.
Bigbadollie Bigbadollie
26-30, F
Jan 12, 2013