Yep I Was Raised a Catholic Hater


I'm from Northern Ireland, a highly divided country, filled with fueding catholics and protestants. My mum had no problem with catholics but she wasn't my influence growing up, my brother was. He was very sectarian and used to get brought home from the riots, plus all my friends constantly spoke of how they hated "taigs", I remember one time when I was a kid at the park (at the catholic end) these kids came up to us and threatened to beat us up because we were protestants (my friend was wearing a rangers top) we just ended up in an arguement no physical violence thank god cause I was really scared lol! 

But after that we would always get into fights (not phsyical, well my friends did I never did) with the kids from the catholic school who got our bus, they came on and tried to bully us (I'm not saying all catholics are like this just the dicks who got our bus) one time my friend ended up in a full fist fight on the bus! Before the pair of them got kicked off. I also live in a very loyalist area filled with murals for pire millitaries, but I also live very close to an equally rough catholic area, so riots always happened close to my home. I can actually remember my brother telling me how to make a petrol bomb which he learnt from his friends using them in riots.

So when I was a kid I was very loyalist, I was proud of being British, but now that I've grew up (unlike most of the people in my area) I don't care anymore, and have infact changed my nationality to Irish and I actually have catholic relatives too! 

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

wow it must have been really hard on you to live that way .

The one good thing here is the fact that u mention how some people have changed for the better. I grew up in Andytown and saw similar things to what u describe, but things have changed and with them some people. You and Flutter are real role models for people in NI who need to get a grip and put the past behind us.

I bet they don't say "God is all about kindness, love thy neighbor" either. It's probably "Jesus stood up to the devil, he had faith, he had strength. The devil appears in many forms. Banish the snake to where it belongs" XD and so on.

I really don't know why they're even called Catholics and Protestants. It's really more like blue team and red team. Because what these people do, it's against both teachings. Anybody who is full of hate and builds petrol bombs is definitely not Christian. Seriously, priests from both sides encouraging violence. WTF?!