I was brought up also in Northern Ireland - a country filled with bigotry, small mindedness, prejudice, brutal violence and sick displays of hatred

But a country that showed the power of it's people over the past ten years as the majority embraced one another, showed their fantastic humour, and turned their back on past hurt, bittereness and grievances and learned me personally about the elusive concept of forgiveness that i had struggled with.


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6 Responses Mar 10, 2009

i dont want to get out of bed though...

For a resident on the six counties ..... who can rise above her surroundings and the atmosphere their in ....and realilize forgiveness ... is a testament to your character and strength .....

yeah but i really need to go the bathroom...

Thank you for reminding us of the good times Ireland has, of the coming together there has been. We all need to remember that.

i was sleeping. I think i got 9-10 hours this time.

lol "learned me personally" also learned their style of english too huh?