I was raised to have manners. Please. thank you. your welcome are all a part of my upbringing and I am not sorry that my parents raised me that way. Today children dont know the meaning of the words. Its funny but I work at school in the cafe and I have 300 students a day. A 2nd grader asked me for a spoon and I told her I wanted to hear her manners and she looked at me real funny. I asked her if she knew what manners were and she shook her head no. Another little girl that was sitting there replied to me "Shes Spanish". I laughed so hard. I asked what difference that made and I could no get an answer. Out of the mouths of babes. Some of these children are not taught manners at home and I try to instill them at school. This is what makes me so glad that I was raised OLD SCHOOL!!

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I was raised with manners, too. I learned them at home, school and as a third grader in "boy's club of America."
You are right on when you say kids don't know even what the word means, much less how to respect elders as well as themselves. What a sad commentary on parents today. It seems they don't care about raising kids to be responsible for their actions and reactions.

the reply she's spanish may simply mean differnet cultures differnt rules <br />
<br />
plus how well does this kid speak english she may not have know what you meant hello she's not the only one who seems clueless <br />
<br />
and "old school" wasn't perfect either no matter how nestalgic it may seem