I Was Raped By My Stepdad

Since i was 10 years old, my step-father has often raped me. the first time i tried to tell my mom about it, she told me that i was lying, that all i was doing was trying to run off another one of her boyfriends, both my parents would often beat us black and blue. When I as 12 years old my mom married him and had him adpot us. i was scared out of my mind, so i tried telling my mom about the rape again and she said, "if you ever say that again, i will rip your teeth out one by one, until you learn your lesson. So I learned to keep my mouth quiet, and put on an act for everyone, my mom made me play as daddys little girl, so know one would suspect anything. and as the years went on i learned how to play it off more and more. i was so afraid to tell anyone growing up because if my mom didnt believe me, who would, or at least thats what i thought. When i was 18 i found out i was pregnant with his child. i didnt believe in abortion and i didnt have the heart to give my son away to some stranger, so i kept him. Hes been a blessing, without him i dont think i would have had the courage to get out of that house. My husband and i have been together since i was 2 months pregnant, and hes loves my son as if he were his own, no one really knows my situation cause im afraid of how people will react, my husband knows and he still loves us just the same. I want my stepdad and mom behind bars for what they did, but im to scared that everyone will find out and turn their backs on me and treat us differently. Is there a way i can put them behind bars without the whole world finding out     
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You ask for it to anonymous. Because your right. Your step dad raped you he WILL be going to jail. And you have proof that he has. Your baby is his, and you can rub it in your moms faces too that you were right. Even though your mom didn't not believe everyone else in this world will. I don't even know who you are, and I believe that your stepdad raped you for years. You need to tell police so they can still help you. Just because it happened awhile ago doesn't make it anymore right for him to do what he had done. The court will bring him to justice and you will get what you deserve. A happy ending.

tell the police, no one will find out, those that do will support you.

If this happened when you were 10, and you are now in your mid twenties, the statute of limitation has expired on the rape charge. However a good cop can probably articulate a case of ********** or extreme perversion. If the cops aren't helping you go a different route, file for child support, and name him as the father, ask for WIC, and any help. It's surprising how many resources the state will put in, to not pay benefits. Wish you the best.

If you are Canadian, there no statute of limitations for a sexual assault. As I understand it, it is different in every state of America, but many have no statute of limitations either.

Incorrect...she can and should report..the sratue in this case would not apply

My son is now 4 years old.. im not ok at the moment b/c no cop will help me with my case so i live in fear everyday b/c im so worried my step father will come after me again

You must not let him have power over you anymore! Forget the police for now honey and get legal aid. Look it up on the net. Don't give up for you or your son and marriage's sake! You can absolutely do this a well as sue them for court costs and damages caused!

i hope your okay now and how old is ur son now

Tell the cops but it's to late rape only can tell within 5 years of the rape

Depends on the jurisdiction-some states do not have a statute of limitations on child sexual abuse. The UK and Canada have no statute of limitations.

Just tell the police! Your mom and dad will be behind bars and almost no one will find out.

yes! tell the police. girl don't worry i know how u feel. the only thing u should be happy for is that u found someone that love u and will take care of ur son:'( it to the police and with a dna test he will go to jail