I Was Raped!!

After I was legally separated I went out on my first date with a man that I knew for a year. He was my tae-kwon-do Master and he was also my children's instructor. I was at his studio 5 days a week for just little over a year. When he asked me out I was so excited as I not only admired him but I was also attracted to him. On a friday night we met up after his studio was closed for the night. We went out for dinner and was having a fabulous time. After dinner he invited me back to his apartment. I felt totally safe in going there as I felt I knew him well after spending 100's of hours in his studio. Once we got to his apartment he offered me a glass of wine that I accepted. He drank some other home made beverage and when I asked him what it was he told me it was his own concotion he created to help replenish his health after teaching for hours. We both enjoyed our drinks and then he turned on his music as loud as possible. It was blasting to the point where I asked him to turn it down because it was hurting my ears. He told me that he liked it at that volume. He asked me to dance and I accepted. After one dance he started kissing me. All of a sudden he became very aggressive and his kissing was starting to hurt. I asked him to stop and he said no. I started to feel scared, I was 5'3", 120 pounds and he was 5'10" PURE muscle. He grabbed me and forced me into his bedroom. He shoved me onto his bed and told me to take off my clothes. I said no and that I wanted to go home. He said I would go home when he was done. He ripped my top off, every button went flying. I tried to get up, I was crying and he shoved me back down onto the bed. I kept saying no and it was like he was possessed and didn't even hear me. The music was so loud that no one could hear my cries of help. I remember every single minute of the rape. He had a clock on his bedside table and when he wasn't violently kissing me I stared at the clock watching every minute go by. On three occassions I managed to get myself off his bed and every time I did he grabbed me and threw me back down. I felt like a feather in comparison to his strength. He had three black belts, had represented his country in 2 world championships and went to the Olympics. I finally realized that I didn't have a hope in hell of getting away from him. I continued crying and telling him no and continued to tell him that he was hurting me. He told me to perform oral sex on him and I refused. The clock kept ticking away. He started raping me at 12:02am and continued until 3:14am. It felt like a lifetime. When he finally finished he told me to go and clean myself up. Trembling and crying I managed to get myself to the bathroom. My head was exploding and I was scared to death, I wasn't sure if he would kill me. I was whimpering like a puppy that had been beaten near to death. I turned the light on in the bathroom, looked in the mirror and screamed when I saw my face. He had bitten through my lower lip and the blood was everywhere. I didn't recognize the person in the mirror, she was someone I had never met or seen before. He had violently kissed me and bit me for over three long hours that my lips were swollen beyond what I could ever imagine. I quickly splashed water on my face, grabbed my clothes, coat and keys to my car. I left my purse and shoes behind. I ran for the door crying hysterically and didn't stop running until I got to my car. Somehow, and I don't know how I managed to drive myself home while in complete shock. He got in his car and followed me back to my home. I don't remember how I got home but I do remember getting back to my neighbourhood and realized that I was completely lost trying to find my house while constantly watching him in my rear view window not knowing if he was going to crash my car. When I finally found my house, he was already parked in my driveway. I didn't know what to do. I ran out of my car and ran to my neighbours house. I banged on their door for what felt like hours but in reality was about a minute. They didn't hear me. I stared at their door screaming for them to let me in. They heard nothing. Not wanting to be outside with him in my driveway I took my chances, ran to my home, unlocked the door, got inside, locked the door and ran to my phone. I called my husband and told him I was just raped and that Felix was at my door. He told me to hang up and go to the couch and not open the door for anything. He told me he was calling the police and coming right over. He had to wake up our two young sons and get them in his car so he could get to me. I don't know what I did during that time, but my phone kept ringing and it was Felix calling from his cell phone. I finally heard the police sirens and heard his car screetching out of the driveway. The police got to my home before my husband and kids did. I was pretrified to open the door to the police so I didn't. When my husband got to the house he came running in with my 2 young sons and the police came in right behind him. My sons started crying as soon as they saw me. I kept telling them that I was ok. My husband took the boys up to their rooms was they calmed down a bit. While he quietly chatted with them to calm them down I had to tell the police every perverse detail of the rape. After what felt like hours they took me to the hospital to go through the rape kit. The male doctor kept talking to me but I don't remember anything he said. All I remember was crying quietly and being completely despondent. After the rape kit was done they gave me all the pills to take including the morning after pill. I told them I wouldn't be able to keep them down. They told me to do my best. I threw them up minutes after I swallowed them. After the rape kit was done and my clothes were taken from me they asked me if I wanted to press charges. I said no initially and about three minutes later I said yes. I'll complete this nightmare later, right now I feel drained.
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should have appreciated a good husband.

How do you know that he was?

I have trained in Martial Arts since I was 3 Years Old. Give me your TKD Instructor's name. He will be dealt with.



I feel so sorry for you! But what kind of person accepts an invitation to a guy's apartment? Men can't be trusted these days.

neither can women be. sexist *****

a girl your age molested me when I was 8 so be honest its not just men that cant be trusted

Justice: Pot calling the kettle? Everyone else. Use common sense. Some people can and can't be trusted. Gender is irrelevant.

I have trained in Martial Arts since I was 3 Years Old. Give me your TKD Instructor's name. He will be dealt with.



oh you going to be a hero now?

I have no problem doing that. I was fugitive recovery. It is just another criminal. If you were an actual Man, not an Adult Male playing pretend, you would be willing to do the same. However, based on the way you are acting, I would be willing to believe you would be the kind of guy to buy the TKD instructor a drink and praise him like a hero, either that, or you are him.

please tell us if u sent that bastard away or not. did he go to jail?

I feel sad for you. Soooo sorry

ok do u feel good about being a dumb ******* to people

Good luck to you for recovery. I hope you talk to all your near and dear ones - thats fastest way to heal.

Its very unusual for a woman who is invited to a mans apartment after a first date to accept. In general, only women who are very promiscuous do this. May I ask how many men you've slept with over your lifetime? When did you first lose your virginity?

What in the HELL is that kind of response aside from asinine. Don't patronize her with your opinion on what is promiscuous. Accepting an invite to continue a date that is going well is NOT an invitation to rape. There is a huge possibility of great conversation that doesn't want to end when you're getting to know someone. You're phishing for kinky information or just a misinformed, superior *** for touching fingertips to keyboard in this instance.

Right?!? She totally trusted him.... And she had been married before... Who is to say she wasn't lonely? People are so cruel. I hope that sweet woman heals quickly and comes out stronger than before.

What the **** is wrong with you? She's sharing a so shocking story, and then you just write that ****?
"When did you first lose your virginity?"
1. It's a private thing.
2. Why the hell do you want to know?
3. **** off with stupid comments like that.

@AlwaysRemembers I really hope you're getting better and I feel so sorry for you! May peace be upon you.

21st century or 1st - you may NOT ask such questions! Your hinting has no logical backing. If a girl is promiscuous and consenting, the date can take her easily to bed, raping is still not acceptable and never will be.

Yeah thats how it is and it is fair. Its ******* hard to be a stud. Its ******* easy to be a ****

Hm, when did YOU lose your virginity? How many guys? I'm pretty sure that's none of my business. Just as HER privacy isn't yours either. Mind your own business

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I feel really bad for you because you got raped, but you're married and you went on a date with another guy? You have kids! That's kind of setting a bad example.

Oh just realized you said you were separated. Sorry.

I see you noticed, thanks for noticing on your own and sorry I pounced!

After I was legally separated I went out on my first date. Assuming much? Did she say it was a day after she told her husband she wanted a separation? NO. I feel like a bully, policing the comments here, but with such a traumatic experience she is sharing and mentioned being drained from, does she really need to deal with these piddly, uninformed comments?

Tell them!

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There are two sides to a story. Funny how some are OK with rape as long as it a man they don't like.According to some of the comments made. According to former Colorado state prosecutor, Craig Silverman, up to 45% of rape accusations could be fallacious. He went on to say that he was amazed by the amount of false rape accusations that are made by women. Why did you go to his apartment after dinner when you knew that what he wanted and had more alcohol.Making out is fun and rape is not having fun. Was this a game to get at your husband make him feel bad for you"locked the door and ran to my phone. I called my husband and told him I was just raped and that Felix was at my door." The first person you called was him and he came a running sound like love to me.

insensitive c*nt

What the HELL. See comment above to Crockwell1965. Are you just mad at some situation you're comparing this to in your life about being the one that loves your wife? She did NOT KNOW what he wanted? There are a lot of things he can want that are completely NOT rape! And yes, she may have been okay with making out if that is something that was offered. Maybe not too, nothing she did invited rape and it was NOT inappropriate to continue the date. She did NOT just want to make her husband jealous. I am assuming a LOT, I know, but it does not take more than common sense to read that in her story. A mentally unhealthy person would have more than likely focused their story a bit more about their husband if that was the case. People, please stop projecting your feelings and opinions on a victim of rape because YOU'RE angry with some situation in your life or how you were treated by a woman.

Oh please just stop, you are just as bad as all the other people who victim blame. She did NOTHING wrong. If she doesn't consent, it's rape. Doesn't matter what else happened.

So sorry to read about your experience... May god bless you n give all the strength..

To all the morons saying stuff like "do you and your husband normally go on dates with other people" and saying she deserved it because she was married - READ THE FIRST TWO LINES. She CLEARLY SAYS AFTER SHE WAS LEGALLY SEPARATED. Learn to read.
This was posted a long time ago, but I hope you're doing well and I hope you know you helped a lot of people get the nerve to share their experiences. :)

rape is a word which, when heard by me makes me tremble,, i still cannot go through with this

That was a nasty experience. I hope ull be strong enough to overcome it

What is the update on this swine who was in a position of trust?

OMG! that sounds horrible! how are you now?

well thats good then :) if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm here <3

I went out with my karate instructor 25 years ago. He took me for one meal and the next time he asked me to buy him a takeaway. THEN he told me I was going with his friend that night. B.......
Hope you recover. hugs to you

This is terrible, I don't believe in the death penalty but I do hope the guy gets life in prison (I know he won't though...probably likely looking at 5 years, 8 if he's unlucky). Be careful around people, I once had a couple (man and woman) invite me over to some club to hang out, the woman was very aggressive and possessive with me verbally, I wisely said no and went home. I haven't gone to clubs since...I'm very protective of myself...no I was not raped but there are many potential rapists in the world and I have caught glimpses of their personalities...enough to terrify me. I now practice boxing, do weightlifting and cardio...all to keep in shape...I also gave up alcohol...I need to be in control of myself and aware of my surroundings.

Good luck with the recovery...I hope you have some trustworthy family/friends to cry with. Very brave of you to call the police. I hope they caught up with this guy and I hope he resisted and got shot by the police.

good on you, I am so sorry for what happen to you, I hope he dies in prison.

# 1 Kicking *** and taking names 101

so amazing to hear a woman actually call the police! > : D

"I didn't recognize the person in the mirror, she was someone I had never met or seen before."very sad....<br />
<br />
I hate to say this, but why did you meet a man you were "attracted to" and "respected" for an evening dinner and then go to his house for DRINKS if you were MARRIED ALREADY?<br />
<br />
: / <br />
<br />
my boyfriend would lose his crackers if i did that. <br />
<br />
you really set yourself up for this one, not that any lady deserves that...

Seriously? **** you. Infidelity, flirting, etc. is not "setting yourself up for" rape. I can't even find the words. Other than seriously, **** you. Think before you post this **** that a rape victim will read.

She was legally separated. She says it in the first 2 lines

I can't believe what I'm reading! NO WOMAN SETS HER SELF UP FOR RAPE OR ELSE IT WOULDNT BE CALLED RAPE IT WOULD BE CALLED PROSTITUTION! Inwish I was with you I could have beat his *** because I'm a UFC fighter and I hate men


Thank you for sharing, you are a strong lady.

Words fail me...

you are strong your kids must be proud take care of them

i know how u feel. i was raped when i was 12 (15 now) but i wasnt hurt as much i was only whacked and slapped. i was scared as well but i never told anyone. i kept it to myself but today i told my mum. i am still scared as this guy lives around the corner from me. if he finds out i told he will hurt me. but i couldnt handle it. its good u told someone. did he get charged and go to prison? i hope so the sick disgusting purvet.

Sick bastard!

What a horrible experience. I can't imagine... Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts and feelings for the book research I discussed in this story group?

You can't trust anyone these days

That is the most terrible story I have ever heard! I can't even imagine going through something as scary as that! You are a hero!

Your story is horrible. I was also raped by my experience was nothing compared to yours. I cannot imagine what you went through. I just want you to know that I like you're a very strong woman and your story makes me realize my situation could have been much worse. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope you have a wonderful life ahead of you. Goodluck!

She was divorced. I hope the bastard went to jail.

no one deserves this. Do you and your husband normally go on dates with other people?

no one deserves this. Do you and your husband normally go on dates with other people?

I feel so bad for you. I could not imagine what you went through and that guy is sick, you are a very strong person and it takes a lot of courage to take police action. I hope you live long and prosper you are a strong person.

You are an amazing and very strong willed lady. I applaud your courage and strength to share such a difficult and painful ordeal. You are a true survivor.

wow! thank you for sharing that with me. I'm sorry that after a seperation you found it in your heart to trust someone again, especially someone who seemed safe and he hurt you. I'm glad that you didn't fight back. I say this because I was raped by someone who is amazing in karate and I was told that if I HAD fought back, I may not be alive today. I know that it was to feel like you couldn't do anything and that you were powerless. BUT, you weren't powerless. Something in you told you not to fight. that was your cut instincts telling you, it's not safe to. It was good that you listened to them. Secondly, you got away as soon as you could and got help. this is also important as if you are standing up for yourself and proving to him that YES! you are a strong woman and NO! you will not allow his martial arts training to terrorize you or have the fear of what he might do next stop you from reporting it. You are a very strong woman and you should be proud of yourself for having the courage to say something!

I'm angry at that man! Furious! I'm glad you made it through that terrible experience. Thanks for sharing .

Damn HIM ! <br />
what a coward ....

My god...I can't believe you found the strength to tell that story. Thank you for sharing....I'll never forget your words.

You probably already know how so very strong you are! thank you for sharing your expierence! reading your story today gave me the stregnth to click that little button to share my expierence.. I thank you.. And be strong.. I am here if you need to talk...

I'm sorry for what happened to you but glad that you made it out. I'll pray for your continued strength.

you are a wonderful and amazing woman, strong and lucky in every way, you made it out of there save, thank god, as a victim of rape myself, I know it will take some time to heal, but with god's help believe me love, you will get thru it, you made it out of that situation and came out a winner, as for him he will get his!! believe me no bad deed goes unpunished.. I will be praying for you.... always angels..

Sorry - the lesbians would kick his *** but what he needs are the biggest meanest prison cons looking for a piece of meat. It's what he deserves....I hope that's what he got....

I hope that low life is in prison where he belongs. If I ran in to him he would be in worse shape than he put you in as any man that would hurt a woman is no real man but the scum of the earth. I would love to lock him in cage with ten big mean lesbians with fifth degree black belts to do anything they want to with him for six hours and then let him go if he were able to go after that.

Simply wow. Thank you for sharing such a profound occurrence in your life-- I know it cannot be easy to relive it. I wish you did not have this story to tell, but I'm glad you did. Others will draw strength in your survival.