I Was Raped @ 14 Years Old

i was raped at 14 years old and got pregnant by him i feel so bad that my child didnt make it but i fear him everytime i see him.
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I was 14 too. I didn't get pregnant(even though he never used a condom), but I still feel him, even 13 years later. If you need someone who gets it; I am here 24/7.

yes I was raped and no one believed me and why should I be ashamed?

That is no way to live, I hope you find the strength to overcome this ordeal.

It will be ok dear seek the lord and he will help I will pray for you but for your sake keep beliveing God loves all

So you do nothing but cower in fear without ever pressing charges or anything. Are you sure it was rape? Or did you just make a bad choice for a partner?

im so sorry to hear that...<br />
my heart goes out to you...i hope that u find a way throught this hard time in ur life...ur a strong person for telling ur story and jus know ur helping others by doing so....u have a freind in me...so if u need someone to talk to hit me up....and im here if u need friend...

I'm so sorry to hear about your expierence. I can relate to feeling scared regarding seeing the person, I actually had to move from where I lived so that I wouldn't bump into him, I lived in a small town and just driving close to where he taught made me sick to my stomach and would give me anxiety attacks. If you ever feel like taling about it, with someone who has been in a somewhat similiar position, please feel free to add me as a friend. I will be thinking of you and hope that you do not have to see him often as I can only imagine the fear it must bring to you. HUGS!!