When i was younger i lived with my mom and i started getting into trouble when i turned 11 so my mama sent me down to live with my dad i was happy i was finally going to meet the mystery man behind my birth well that was a huge mistake..... He barely had time for me he only had time for his other kids not for his first born though not at all well he sent me to stay at my grandma's house because he was to busy on drugs and in jail that he couldn't take care of me well one night i was asleep and i felt someone touching me it was my grandpa and i panicked and acted like i was still sleep but his hand moved from my stomach until it got in between my legs that's when i tried to move and he said don't or i will hurt you so i didn't i never slept with pants on because i got to hot but i should have and that night he climbed on top of me and took what should have been saved for marriage after he left i cried and cried i thought it would get better but it got worse he started druging me and beating me it was so bad but i never told anyone because i swear i knew if i did it would have cost my life!!!! I was afraid from 11-15 was all i could remember was a dirtbag ******* me by force and thinking i liked it i hated it but one day i got tired and called my mama and she came and got me i never told her but she suspected ugh and i am still scared till this day!!!
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Did he ever punch you in your belly or boobs to weaken you? Did he ever tie u up?

Worst grandpa ever! Hand him over to the police.

terrible grandpa....report him to the police...he deserves to go to jail....love to add you to my circle of friends

I am so sorry to hear, thats so cruel, no one should treat you like that. ):<br />