My Life

I got adopted and the family that I grew up in sexually abused me from a child until my late teens.
Again I was faced with that situation by a taxi driver. That situation could have been avoided, I was upset, because the man that I was pregnant for at the time, had another lady pregnant for him also, we started fighting he shook his pit-bull at me and I ran off with no money to pay the taxi. I told the taxi, that when I got to my aunt’s house he would get his money.
He said it was ok, but he raped me before I could even get to my aunt house. I was seven months pregnant at the time. The baby came out ok. But she does not show love, I think she got it from me because I was so angry during my pregnancy.
I eventually dropped half the bad things I was involved in because I had a young baby to care for now.
I was just wasting my life away; I did not see the point in living after all those bad events. I got my ACCA qualifications, and I am in law school now.
The next half, I am still working on it, I still sleep around with men a lot, as long as I pick them first.
I am the one always in control of all the sexual activities, I tell the men what to do, if it is not going my way I will pull out my weapon and use it if I have to.
So I have total control of my life now, no one abuses me.
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31-35, F
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Omg I'm so sorry ******* Men like this make other good guys look bad

protecting yourself is a great thing to do,,

I should. I came up with a new plan. I am not going to have sex with a whole lot of people anymore. I want myslef back. so for three weeks now I did nothing. I want to be in church now, I satrted learning the key board so I can play music in church.... I want to be a better person.

sounds like a great idea,,,even when your better person,,your sex drive is still there, but much more selective who your with

Great move, admire your courage. I am sure you are teaching those hungry, lust thirsty shells of a man a good lesson. I don't have words to take away the pain you suffered, but I do hope that the path you have set upon brings peace. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

really!!! you think I am abusing me........ humm ok.... am I not in control of me? well I am sorry that you think I am abusing me.. I am in control now is it?

I Do not wish to ofend! But YOU are abusing YOU... And if you were not upseat by it you would notv have made such a point of vsaying that you were OK.