"will You Do Me A Favor?"

thats what he always asked. i was stupid and just did what he said. i knew it was wrong, i cried all night after... it was almost every day after school. he walked me home... i thought he was my unrealted big brother. but no. not even close. years after, i pretended it never happened. i pretended it was just a bad dream, that i just made it up, and i ligitmately forgot. i grew up, had fears that i didnt understand, but i ignored them. i got the best boyfriend ever... and one of the first times he kissed me, he did something and it all came rushing back. all the lies... all the crap he told me.... like getting hit in the head with a train. and it really ****** everything up between me and him... i get scared a lot and he blames himself... it can be a mess, but we're going to make it work, i hope.
ticanaru ticanaru
13-15, F
Aug 16, 2012