Help she screams but know one listens
Help she cries but they ignore

The door shuts tight
On that unforgettable night
He gets into her bed
She lays there her clothes shed

She cries until the pain is away
And she wishes she was dead for a day
Help she screams
Life’s not what it always seems
Shhhh he whispers in her ear
Be a good girl and be a dear
No she cries
Confused in her whys?
Why won’t anyone rescue her?
Why doesn’t anyone care?
She lay there bare
With questions to never share
All alone
And confused
Nothing left but these scars and meaningless memories
I’m forever scared.
wishme2death wishme2death
18-21, F
6 Responses Sep 25, 2012

I cried while reading this. I was raped too and it is the most horrible thing that can happen to yo. If you want to talk or so....I am there for you!

This is really good! Hopefully it's not true...

it is..

Cute poem

You are between 13-15. Are you safe at home? If the rapist is someone that is in your home, please notify the authorities. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I was raped when I was 14. I am now 39 - and didn't start therapy for the fear/anger/anxiety that plagued me afterwards until I was 38. Therapy has really helped me - I would recommend speaking to a counselor, even if it is one at your school - that can recommend someone else, if your school counselor is not appropriate to be or qualified enough to be your therapist. This is not something that you caused, or deserved. Hugs to you.

that was a powerful post i can say i know what you are feeling at that moment i have also walked in your shoes have you gotten any kind of help or talked to anyone about the rape

You did all you could .... And what happened to you was horrible trust me i know how its like to be raped ...i have been in your shoes .... Have you told anyone ?