Bryan S Story

My name is Bryan. Im 19 years old. I was repeatedly raped and molested by my uncle from the age of 5 to 18. I never told none because he threatened to kill me. My mother is a nurse and had to have someone watch me she worked late. When he gave me a bath he would always touch me. this was at 5. later when i got to be at the age of 8 he started raping me.he told me that it was OK and that every uncle does this.i believed him. He would have his friends come over and participate in this cruel i knew this wasn't normal When my mother came to pick me up i was relived. He pulled me aside and told me to keep my mouth shut or ill blow your head off. so i did. i would cry my self to sleep every night knowing i would have to go back to him at anytime.i felt dirty and weak.

When i turned 14 i figured i was gay because i was having sex with guys. i met this boy Craig. He seemed so sweet and nice. He made me feel special. Then i started to see his real side. he started hitting me and being abusive. he demanded sex but i refused so he raped me. I came home beaten and bruised and my mother was ecstatic. i told her what happened and he was thrown in jail. my uncle gave me a bit of a break but continued again. this time worst. this continued until i was 18. i met another guy named Marlon. He was the sweet kind type but i didn't trust it. A few months later we were going out. i would hardly let him touch me. he kept asking why. i never told. finally i broke down and told him. e was shocked and told me that it was terrible and why didn't i tell anyone. i told him why. He went with me and i told my mom. She went ballistic. the cops picked him up at work.

i am now married to Marlon and have 4 kids. 2 of my own and 3 god children. he does treat me right and i am so happy with him.

sorry if my story is hard to understand. this memory is so heart wrenching to remember. thanks for reading.
bryanjordan bryanjordan
Nov 29, 2012