Young, And Taken

I was only 11 or 12 years old. I was young. I felt that everything at my age that mattered was finding a boyfriend. My best friend cam up to me and asked me out. I was so happy of course I said yes. After two weeks, I realized he was getting angry. I started smelling alcohol on him. I broke up with him because he was beginning to drink and being abusive towards me. He had a sister who was my best girlfriend. Her and her whole family were moving out of the state due to her fathers job transfer. She then was hosting a goodbye party. I went and I knew there was going to be alcohol so I brought my own water bottle that I filled up at home. I went to the party and noticed my ex-boyfriend. He was hanging around six of his best friends. He began starring at me.

I had to use the bathroom so I left my water with my best girlfriend. When I came back I had just realized that she was drinking an entire pack of beer bottles! She passed out drunk. I still took my water and drank the rest of it. I noticed two hours later that I was feeling sick/dizzy. I didn't know what was going on. I was going passing out constantly and then coming back. When I woke up the third time, I noticed that everyone had left. Everyone but my ex and his friends and my best girlfriend. I felt uncomfortable so I tried to get up and leave, but I kept on falling. I had brought my computer because I wanted to take a video of the party so my girlfriend could be reminded of her best party ever. I realized it was closed, I got confused and I opened back up. I screamed when I saw a frozen picture of my ex-boyfriend and his friends licking their lips. I heard laughter so I turned around fast. My ex was standing there saying, "Good pic huh?"

I was still dizzy so I was really scared. He laughed and his friends came out of the kitchen with beers in each of their hands. They laughed and said things like, "Damn dude! How could you let a girl with a big *** get by?!? she has some huge boobs!" They all laughed. I then said, "Look Sam(not my ex boyfriends real name) I'm sorry I broke up with you. Can we just forget about it and move on?" He laughed and said, "That's not what this is about anymore." "What is this about then!?!" I asked. Sam then said, "Getting in your pants!" They all laughed and I tried to get out of the house but three of Sam's friends grabbed me and dragged me over to Sam. He put an athletic sweatband in my mouth and all seven of them dragged me up the stairs. I was trying to scream but they can out muffled and unclear. I was crying. We got up to Sam's room and he threw me on the floor. The last guy that came into the room locked the door. They all stood in a circle around me. I was on the ground and every time I tried to get up, they pushed me back down. Sam picked me up and said, "You know, my friends and I just want to play a really fun game with you. But you aren't playing by the rules. And that means only one thing: PENALTY!" He threw me to one of his friends across the room. I kicked that one friend in the groin and ran to the door. They grabbed my arms and tied them up with one of Sam's shirts. They opened their beer bottles and poured the beer on me. I was sticky and wet with beer. One of the guys had said, "We should get you out of those wet clothes." He snickered and all of them at once began taking my clothes off. My ex was my age 12-13 but his friends were over the age of 16! They took my clothes off. I was laying on the ground with only my bra on. They groaned and laughed. They began to ***** out of their own clothes.

Sam took his p**** out and shoved it in my face. He said, "No teeth show horse. No teeth." He laughed and stuffed it in my mouth. I was choking on his p**** when I realized that his friend were flipping me on my stomach and one of them shoved their p**** in my v*****. And another shoved his p**** in my a**. I screamed and Sam slapped me saying, "****! I said no teeth! The lasted thing I remembered before passing out was his fist coming towards my face. THey all had a turn raping me. When I opened my eyes, I saw Sam getting off the floor and putting his pants back on. They all laughed and said things like, "****, bro! Doesn't she know that she has to wait until we give her permission to c**!?! I just realized that they had put my c** in my mouth. I hated the taste. I put my hand up to my face and felt dried tears. And fresh tears. I got up and I heard Sam say, "Damn this **** can take a fight! Open the door. I think she's had enough for tonight." They unlocked the door and I slowly walked out. I was in so much pain that I couldn't run even if I had tried. The last thing of that night was, "I'm sorry we waited so long to f*** you. It was fun while it lasted babe" They laughed and I got to the stairs and fell down them. I grabbed my now so-called "best girlfriends" long trench coat that went down to my feet. It covered up my nude body. I walked out and called my cousin to come get me.

This was only two years ago. I only put 22-25 as a random thing. They just came back to my house. I couldn't convict them when I had the chance. As soon as they left, I created this account and wanted to get the story off my chest. I huge boulder was just lifted off of my shoulders. They even told me that they were planning on raping me for some time but they watched a movie that was a rape theme and got the idea from that. What they did to me was exactly what the characters in the movie did to the rape victim. This is something that will forever be in my mind and heart. Because on that night those seven guys took something from me that I can never get back. My virginity of course, but my youth and childhood.
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I'm so sorry that happened to you, those people deserve to burn...

Only you can give away your youth and childhood away. If you look at it in there eyes youll never be happy but if you maitain your mindset youll eventually let the bullshit fade

wow, im sorry i know you are not looking for sympathy or people to say sorry... i dont even know what to say...