A girl and a guy lie next to each other in a bed, the guy keeps touching the girl and she doesn't do anything at all. She just lies there, because she is afraid, very afraid. "Can I take your pants off?" he asks. she doesn't answer. Her mind and emotions is already shutting down, she knows he won't take no for an answer. Only one second after he has asked the question, he starts taking her pants off. She just lies there, doesn't help him in any way with getting her pants off, hoping that maybe he will notice that she doesn't want to, that she wishes he would stop, but she's paralyzed of fear, she can't do anything. When he has gotten her pants off, he takes her panties off too and looks at her. "Ugly *****" he says and laughs quietly at her. He then lies down next to her again, and he moves one of his hand to the one place she wishes he wouldn't touch, "Please make him stop" she thinks, but can't get herself to say. He forces his fingers inside her, she almost cries out in pain but is able to bite her tongue before making any sound. He fingers her, hard, and it hurts, but she doesn't say anything and neither does he. After what feels like a year, he takes his own pants off, gets on top of her and forces himself into her, without even having any protection. Her mind is completely shut down by now, and so is her emotions. She just lies there while he has his fun. "Isn't losing your virginity supposed to be with someone you like?" she thinks. It feels like a year for her before he is done having his fun. She quickly takes her panties, pants, bra and shirt on. She feels disgusting and ashamed of herself. She sits on the side of the bed, with him next to her, and takes a quick look at him; the guy who took her virginity when he wasn't allowed to, and then she takes out the razor blade that she always has with her. "Emo" he says and looks at her. She doesn't answer, she just takes the razor blade and slits her wrist. It starts bleeding really much, she is fascinated by the blood, but wishes she could empty herself of it. He moves behind her, and pulls her back so she lies on her back on him. She wasn't prepared, so it's easy for him. He pulls her shirt up and her bra too, and starts touching her breast, not gently like he should do but really hard so it hurts. She can't really stop him, she's busy with trying to not get blood everywhere but she tries to get away from him several times, and each time he just grabs harder and doesn't let her go.. She is fighting the tears.. Until she comes home and goes to her own bed.
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Wish I could. Of been there to stop him ):

Is this suposse to represent what happened to you?


ok I was just curious.

That's absolutly horrible!!!!!!!!! What a monster. See this exactly what I mean. All men are crazy, monsters and only think anout one thing when it comes to girls. Sex¡!!!!!! And nothing else!!!

That's not right don't bring all men into this
I was emotionally scarred for life
I watched my father be murdered in front of me by my mother who committed suicide directly after.
Forget the urge to have sex
I barely have emotions at all

Thats a very false assumption!!! All men are not crazy or monsters. Most men are good and have full respect for women.
Most healthy men do think about sex a lot of the time, but specifically about sex (not rape). Where a woman is as much into it as he is.

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Oh my god I am so sorry!! I know what it's like to go through most of what you went through, if you ever need any support message me!