I Was Raped...... I'm Not Anymore

Last nite i went out with some people from work for drinks and wasn't expecting what happened tbh i got dreesed up more than i had ever before and i knew i looked good and i NEVER say this but i was smoking lol.
Anyway 4 years ago my life ended as i got raped and it felt like i would never be me again and for the last 4 years i felt i didn't have a life anyway to cut a long story short last week i got my heart broken i felt my life  finally crash around me posting on here helped and for the last week i have realised i still have it in me to enjoy life anyway last night i met someone and yes this may sound easy but we spent the night together something i never thought i would do again but it felt so right and today i don't know weather he will call again all i do know is i would like him to but if he dosen t i know i will be fine i can go on and enjoy myself it was a  tremndous relief to feel again something i didn't think i could again so to offer anyone who has been raped a light at the end of the tunnel have your grieving period how ever long that may be and when your ready you can emerge like a butterfly from that coccoon and spread yr wings good luck xx
Iamafreaklmao Iamafreaklmao
36-40, F
Dec 15, 2012