I Thought You Loved Me

I'm 13 and I was raped by my boyfriend. He said he loved me. But, i t was all a lie.
We were at a school dance only 4 weeks ago. And he pulled me aside and said he wanted to talk to me. I thought nothing of it. So I went with him. We went out to the hallway. He told me he loved me and that I was the prettiest gil in the school. He was lying! Then he kissed me, I kissed him back. Then he suddenly became very violent. He wouldn't let me go. I told him to stop, he ignored me!! Then he pulled out a buck knife. Then I knew he was NOT kidding. He told me he had to. I was begging him the whole time not to. He started laughing!!!!!!! He took the knife and ripped my dress off. He dragged me into the restroom. Then all *** broke lose!! He started crusing and beating me when I said no. I pleaded and begged for him to stop. He started making strange sounds as he pulled down my panties. Then he pulled down his pants. I was bawling. He was still laughing and making sounds that made me cry and scream only louder. He was beatening me without mercy. He kept telling that I should of just gave it to him. He said GIVE IT OR TAKE IT!!!!! He then made me suck on it. And he the liked me down there. He bit my ******!!!!!!!! I was bleeding, because it was my first time. It lasted only 30 minutes. It felt like hours. When he was finally done. He gave me money like I was some *********!!!!! I blacked out from all the bloodloss. When I woke up I was tucked safely in my bed. I see his face almost everyday!! I want to dump him but he will kill me. He said he would. My friend brought me home. My parents don't know what happened!!! I just found out yesterday that I'm with child. WHAT SHOULD I DO??????????
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7 Responses Dec 22, 2012

I would kill that b*tch with a ******' rock, i'd smash it on his head so many times he'd regret living, that little piece of sh*t, if i knew where he lived, he would get what's comin to him!

You need to get him caught by the police. your child cant see this criminal so please put him behind bars and pray to Lord Jesus to hear your heart and soul

You guys are posting your stories on this website like your are proud of it.. Why don't you tell this thing to your parents.. You guys don't want those bastards should pay for it??? because of you only (girls who have became rape victim and are not infroming anyone), girl's image is like this only.. WAKE UP GIRLS !!!!!

Um, excuse me? Do you know how hard it is to tell someone? Its like giving yourself away and not only is it embarrassing, but it hurts to even talk about it, think about, let alone go to sleep at night bbecause you think youll dream about it. For you to think thats its that easy, makes you a moron. Just stop

Tell your school conselour what happened. They should help you with that. I'm always here if you need or want anyone to talk to.

hey tell your parents...and get that guy behind bars.....PLEASE PLEASE do tell !!!

You need to tell someone girl. I was recently raped too. I'm now carrying his baby.

Have you tried going to the police? Rape is a very difficult thing to go through. It's only really up to you, but telling your parents might help.