A Party.

When i was 17 i went to a party. my best friend was with me. I trusted him with my life. There was this guy eyeing me from the corner of the room. We eventually ended up talking and he offered me a drink. I knew better than to take a drink form a guy i had no clue who it was. Well i was stupid and did it. All was a ******* blurr after that.. i remember getting really dizzy and then i blacked out. i woke up the next morning next to two guys, complete ******* strangers. i tried to scream but nothing would come out.. they woke up and told me if i told anyone they would kill me. I drove to my best friends house a few days later and i was so furious, he promised me nothing would ever happen to me as long as he was there. He said he was sorry he left, he needed to get home. And when i told him what happened he was furious with me. I was like are you ******* kidding?!

Now i think men always lie and it is interfering with me relationships to everyone.
All my friends are guys.. but i don't trust a word that comes out of their mouth.
Idk what to do.. im losing with my own mind over here. Even sexually with men is more hate than pleasure. I have no idea how that works....
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im in the same boat anything sexual feels wrong and im scared of like every guys now its sad and upsetting :( i hope things get better

...wow...i had no idea. Is there anything I can do to help?