When i was 15, i went to the mall with some of my friends, we went into spencers. well you know in there you can barely see anything because they keep it so dark, well i wondered off from everybody and i ran into this guy he was about in his twenties, he was really nice he complimented me, so i didnt think nothing of it, he told me he would see me around, and i doubted that because your never lucky to run into somebody twice where i live, well i did somehow after school when i went with my friend to her older sisters boyfriends house. Her sister was 18 and her boyfriend was probably 20 something, well his bestfriend was the guy i ran into at spencers, i couldnt believe it i actually ran into him again. He talked to me for the longest time, he was really sweet and a great listener, we exchanged numbers before i left and he eventually started texting me, we would talk all day long, i really thought he liked me, he acted like he did. He asked me out on a date, i told him yes, so i told my mom i was going to stay over at my friends house and he picked me up there, we went out to eat, and we live near the beach so after we ate, we went and walked out on the beach, well his family is very wealthy so he lived in a condo in a nice hotel, he told me i should see the view from it, so i went up there with him, as i went out on the balcony and looked at the view he went in and fixed us something to drink, i was so amazed with the view it was gorgeous. He came out there and asked me how i liked it and i told him i loved it, and we had a little conversation then he lend in and kissed me, so i kissed him back, we made a for a few minutes then he took me to his bedroom. i was only 15 and i was still a virgin, i didnt know what was gonna happen. he laid me down and then climbed on top of me and started kissing me and rubbing his hands up and down my body, after a few minutes i stopped him and told him i wasnt ready, he looked understanding he rolled over to the side of me and was trying to talk me into it, but i told him i wasnt doing it that night and i told him i still barely knew him, i think it kinda made him mad, he got up and went to the bathroom i was getting up off the bed when he came out, i stood up and asked him if he wanted to go out and do something he said he didnt so i asked him if he would take me home he refused to, so i told him i would walk, i grabbed my bag and was headed for the door when he grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me back, i tried to jerk away, but he had a very hard grip on my wrist, he pulled me back to the bedroom, and pushed me onto the bed, and he started taking his shirt off i tried to slide to the top of the bed to get away a little bit but he grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me flat on the bed, he climbed on top of me and started unbuttoning my shorts and pulling o my shirt, i begged him to stopped and screamed no, and tried to push him off me, he raised up like he was gonna let me go, but instead he unbuttoned his pants and forced my head down on him, then he threw me down and starting having sex with me, i laid there screaming no and crying but he wouldnt stop he kept going. When he was finally done he offered to take me home, but i just got up and got dressed and left, i walked all the way through the hotel with my hair messed up, makeup smeared and crying, i hurt so bad, and i was tramatized. i walked through the streets trying to get to my friends house, but it was getting dark and i was getting even more scared and paranoid, so i just stopped where i was at and laid on the ground until the next day, then people started getting worried and looking for me, They eventually found me just laying there on the ground lifeless. I just had everything i had of me taking away, My mom begged me to tell her who did it to me, but i never did, i told her i didnt know, it was dark and he attacked me. Till this day nobody knows who did it too me, and i want to keep it that way. I am 16 now, and i have a baby, his baby, the guy who left me lifeless after he brutally raped me in his condo on the 18 floor. Everybody told me to get ride of the baby because it was gonna remind me of what he did to me, but thats gonna be there forever no matter what. i kept my baby and i love her more than anything.
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I love nice young virgins

I'm sorry for what you've went through. I really wish him, and people like him would face charges and be put away for a very long time.

My message to teenage girls who lie to their parents about dating a guy: In most cases, your parents know you, love you unconditionally, care about you, worry about you, etc. So when you have to lie to them to go out with some guy, this guy must be very wrong for you. When you do that, you put yourself in danger. No reasonable parent would ever approve their 15 year old daughter to go out on a date with a man in his 20s.
This age gap at this age is too big for him to be interested in just going out with you and share some kisses and hold hands. This is why your parents would never allow it.

you are right------------------

dont blame yourself. he isolated you, manipulated you, over powered you, and destroyed you then. you didnt have a choice then. you have a choice now. Only you can change and thrive of what you want. that guy was a monster.so sorry

Awh you're so brave for sharing this horrifying story.Just remember, NEVER blame yourself for what has happened & just live your life forgetting about it :)

I am so sorry for everything you went through/still are going through. I hope you have a system of support and people who love you enough to get you through this. Just pray and keep looking forward to better days...