I was at camp during winter break, my parents and grandparents in Europe, visiting the sight-seeing places there. It was my eighth year there, since I'd been going every winter. I was fourteen, and looking forward to seen my friends, and very disappointed to find that none of them were there. The only person I knew was a sixteen year old boy that hated me since I was six, because I had reported him and his brother numerous times throughout the years for beating up younger children. Before I had walked to the gates of camp, I heard footsteps behind me. So I turned around, and he was standing there, grinning at me. Before I could tell him to leave me alone and sign myself in at the office, a hand was clamped on my mouth from behind me, and I tried to scream as I was dragged into the woods and towards the back entrance of the camp. I was shoved into their personal cabin, gagged with a piece of cloth and tied. They dumped me in the bathtub, and left me there, freezing for a long time. When they got back, it was dark outside, and all the counselors were in bed.
They picked me up and dropped me in an empty room. Forever, I will remember what they said to me.
"If you utter a word, we'll kill you. Now be a good little girl and keep your mouth shut."
The windows were closed and duct taped, preventing any noise from escaping from their cabin.
I was fourteen, four foot seven and seventy three pounds.
And my virginity was just about to be stolen.
They tore off my shirt and skirt, leaving my mid-thigh stockings and boots on. I was on their floor, bound, and in just my bra and underwear.
They ripped them off too, and stared at me hungrily.
I regretted having shaved.
His brother whispered in my ear, "You've got really nice **** there, huh? But your nipples are small."
I tried to cover my body with my arms, but they tied my elbows together behind my back and my waist to the pillar.
Then each one grabbed a breast and squeezed them until I wished I were a boy.
My breasts were swollen so much that they felt double their tiny sized, and too heavy for me.
He and his brother were sadistically smiling. They had on what is known as a rape face.
They sucked on my tips and swirled their tongues on them, sending involuntary shivers through me, making me moan. Then, they bit them.
It hurt so much.
My nipples were erect and I realized there was a camera videotaping the brothers raping me. I almost screamed, but my gag stopped every noise I made.
They tortured my breasts for a long while until they both panted and dropped me, my breasts pressured on the ground.
I felt like someone punched me on both boobs.
My nipples were pink and pointed.
They tied my wrists to the pole and dragged two chairs into the room. My legs were spread with a foot on each chair.
The brother went first.
I was suspended about three or two feet in the air.
He seemed to really like my breasts because while he moved his penis inside of me, his twisted and pinched my nipples as hard as he could.
I really did scream. Loud.
That got them mad.
"Do you want us to cut off your ****? It would be such a waste. You're gonna get punished."
I begged him to stop, and I even cried.
How could I have known that a childhood bully would eventually brutally violate me?
My punishment was terrible.
They slammed books on my breasts, injected something into them with needles, and clamped clips on my nipples.
I was goning to scream again, but he added three more layers to my gag, nearly suffocating me.
I could do nothing but to writhe in agony, which entertained them so much that they narrated the video.
"See how her **** are rocking back and forth? They tasted awesome."
They took the clips off.
"Now, our drug will take effect."
They brought me right before the camera.
He took my breasts and squuezed.
It was the worst pain I had ever felt.
Milk oozed from my nipples.
They lapped it up.
"Oooooh, soooo good."
Every time they squeezed, a little milk came out.
They did that to me for the rest of the night, until dawn.
Then they wrapped me up in a blanket and hid me in the bathtub again.
Every day for two weeks, they tortured me in the exact same way, just harsher every passing day.
Then, on New Year's Eve, they ruined me permanently.
His brother held a duck egg in his hand.
I panicked, spasms overtaking my body.
The flipped me over, pushed my hips up, and stuffed the giant egg into my vagina.
I screamed; who could blame me?
I felt it go deeper and deeper, until it cracked and broke.
I had flipped over, and now eggshells and yolk came out of my hole.
They were milking me again, this time with their mouths, like babies suckling from their mother.
Everything they did was to the worst extent that day.
Morning had come, but they didn't seem to notice, a fatal mistake on their part.
My violated body was on the floor, milk freely running from my breasts, and their seed seeping from my vagina and butt.
They had gotten two weeks of my rape on video, and it was stashed away.
Suddenly, the dor was kicked open, and eight couselors came in.
I don't remember clearly, because the brothers grabbed me and held a knife to me breasts, threatening to kill me unless the couselors let them go.
The adults didn't move, so they punched my breasts.
I cried out, and the last thing I remembered was them running away, and the counselors rushing to me, and gently picking me up. I fainted, and woke up in a hospital, with things attached to my private areas.
I was distraught to find out that the brothers had escaped, and the video was nowhere to be found.
Thanks to them, I can't be pregnant, and my breasts milk occasionally.
Stop rape. It's a terrible thing.
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That is why, I a male martial arts experts developed a class for girls also young girls. I make them do push ups on their fingertips, and do handstands on one hand for several minutes, so by 15 they are stronger than the boys...They develop a cold, intense gaze so bullies don't even mess with them...

:( horrible thing

I was a nerdy girl growing up. I went to camp every summer. One year, ( I was 12) there was this mean rich boy and he did what he wanted. For some reason he wanted me. I was dragged into he woods and ******** naked. My arms held behind my back and it was scary as he stood directly in front of me as he punched over and over in my belly with his fist. I could feel his fist painfully sink into my belly button or my soft lower belly. He liked to hear me grunt, he said. After I was punched breathless, they tied me spread eagle to the ground and took turns licking my vagina, sucking my boobs and raping me with their fingers. My final torture, they tied me spread eagle, gagged me with my panties and pressed needles into my nipples and bellybutton. God, that hurt. The needle was 3" long and as he pressed it into my bellybutton I sucked in my gut but eventually I gave up, heard a popping sound and felt pain. The needle penetrated my navel skin and slid into my gut. He penetrated my navel at least to a 2" depth. He did this six times. My navel was extremely tender. My nipples also were pierced. I never knew pain like that existed. I'll take a punch to my belly any day. I was to ashamed to ever report them.

that's very sad :(

Talk about murderous.

Those boys should be given the death penalty. You have my deepest sympathy.