Again? Almost.....

It almost happened again.... I wonder if I'm just a target. I cove my body. I don't show much skin. I don't know if I'm just a target or something? I don't go out much. I keep to myself. So what is it about me, that makes me such a target?

Why am I always singled out? I don't want to be raped again. So why am I always being targeted. I was almost raped again today, January 8th 2013. What a way to start the new year right?

I've never physically hurt someone. I've never abused or bullied anyone. I try to help everyone and I listen when they need someone to llisten. So why me?

Why again, almost............
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Think of this. There are lots of sharks in the ocean, but very few people are bitten. If you have swum in the ocean, you have probably been near one and never seen it. There is alot of happenstance involved. We have all missed horrible things happening to us by minutes, inches and never knew it. There is alot of "chance" involved in living life. Try learning meditation, it could be very good for you.

Sometimes some people may pick up on things that they can spot or perceive in others, like if one is scared/affraid they(predator)can see this, instead of helping that person in need, the predator exploits and targets them out of harm.

I'm sorry that your going thur this.

Thank you for sharing this.

I'm afraid he's right. You have to figure out how to be "too much trouble."

I can only second this, victims of sexual abuse have a higher chance of it happening again to them than people who haven't been abused. It's exactly that Neoprime says: predators pick up on your vulnerbility.

As an abuse survivor myself I can give the advice: become dangerous, more vulnerble creatures in nature do the same to protect themselves.
The soft belly of a porkypine gets protected by sharp spikes: the willingness to be just as harmful as a predator is great protection.
I myself have had self defence training and always carry a concealed weapon with me (doesn't have to be a pistol, I use knives myself): it's not solid prevention (I mean: weapons are worthless against daterapedrugs), but it is a protection from force.
Personally I believe in the right to enforce your own physical integrity: when a man behaves threatening to you, you can draw a weapon (show your teeth), when he touches you, you touch him with a fist, boot or blade (bite the agressor).

The law sucks (especially in this country), but be assured: preventive force is forgivable for most reasonable people, especially when you can explain your acts.
It's fair to match agressor's behavior like I explained above... most people are 1 step behind in self defence, you have all right to match the steps of a predator when he targets you.

I'm sorry that you had to suffer like that, nobody deserves that pain.

Thank you so much! This advice really helps me and i think i'll take this and use it! Really and truly: Thank you :D

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