He was here on Sunday and last night. And as I said before when he knocked
I would answer. But, last night my 9 year old sister was home, too. I told her to lock herself in her room. She diddnt ask why she just did what I asked. When I thought she was safe I answered the door. He diddnt even say hello. He pushed his way into my house. Asking me if I was alone. I was afraid for my sister's life. I lied and said yes. I heard him mutter something under his breath. Then all I saw was his fist, and it all went black. When I came to I was on the couch. He was on top of me. Kissing and rubbing my sides. He slowly was undressing me. I kept whispering no, no, no, no. He slapped me then I shut up. Then he whispered In my ear. " Go ahead scream. And see what I'll do to your sister." In my mind I was screaming No! No! No! But, all I could do was close my eyes when he stared. And pray that he would be done soon. And just kill me and leave. But, that never came true. When he was done he carried me into the bathroom and ran a bayh. Then scrubbed me inside and out. He then muttered again something under his breath. But, my hell was long from over. Again I blacked out. When I opened my eyes. I could hear my little sister scream. Then nothing. I was in my room on the floor. I couldn't move. I was so scared. But, then he opened my door and grabbed me and dragged me out of my room. He threw me into my little sister's room. She was on the ground. I screamed when I saw her. Her face was covered in blood. Then did I begin to fight. I was no longer scared I was down right pissed!! I was kicking, screaming, throwing punshes and biting. I finall got him square in the face. It did no good. That is when my hell fully began. He threw my head against the wall. And I blacked out. I woke the sering pain all over my body. And the smell of blood. I then relised my sister! I couldn't get up. When I turned my head to look around pain went through my whole body.thats when I saw him. He was still there. He was crying. He saw me and said he was sorry! He said " Why diddnt you tell me?!?!" I was confused. Then he said" Why diddnt you tell me you where pregnant?!" All I could say was. "Were?" Then I noticed. He had a test in his hand. Then I also noticed the blood was from my vaginia. He came over to me and said that he made it disapear. I started screaming. He slapped me. Then I woke up in the hospital this morning. I am still in the hospital. My legs are both broken. My jaw is broken. 3 ribs are broken. My left arm is snapped in half. The doctors think I lost my babies. We are still wiating for the test results. My poor little sister was rapped. He broke her collar bone. And 3 bones in her face. She is still asleep. Now the police belive me. My parents belive me. But, its still not going to get my sister's virginity back. I don't care abut mine anymore just hers. I will testify if they catch him. I have had enough. He will be in prison for a long time.
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Hoping this guy goes to prison for life

WTf this guy is sick I hope he gets raped in the *** in jail ******* pig should cut his ball and **** off

very painful and sad.

Oh I feel so bad feel free to read my story o my rape and I you want to talk we can here is a link

dont end your life :(

I'm not going to. I'm much better. I'm out of the hospatil. I'm in foster care but doing great!!!!

I'm still here. For now. I'm still in the hospital. I am going to be here for awhile.

Wish I could give yah a gift, but under rules no can do.

My sympathies are with you. If you need anything, anything at all, do let me know. I would surely like to get my hands on that person for hitting and treating women like he owns them. There are many things I can say to try to ease your pain but I know they will all go in vain, so I will again just say this that if you need anything, I'm here for you.

I am not being selfish!!! My little sister had to get her own room because all she did was scream at me and say see what YOU did to me!!!

I'm sorry then for what I said, I did not know, it was just the talk of death and all that got to me.

She'll be scarred for life from this experience...I hope this scumbag will be set in death penalty or prison for life! But you shouldn't talk like that, she needs you by her side no matter what. Stay strong.


Do what you have to my lady.

I have desided to end my life. I have relised that I am a target for crazies. And now beacause of me my sister was rapped. I will never forgive myself. I have nothing to live for. I lost my twin girls. I am no longer a virgin, so no man wil have me now. My parents think I am just extra luggagde. I have no place to go now. But a foster home. I can't go to a foster home. I will die. I have already died inside. My soul is gone. My body is waisting away. I am dead.

DON'T end your life, your to young for that, If you want some help PLEASE contact

RAINN(1-800 656 HOPE),


I don't need help my chioce is final. I will take pills and just drift off in my sleep. No pain no regret.



My sister hates me. She says its all my fault. And she's right. I sjouldve valled the police and none of this would of happened. But, oh well. I am just a girl who now can't get pregnant and a rape victim. No one truly understands and that's ok. I'll be with my two daughters in heaven.

R. I. P

Kayla. And Annaleah

Its to late I alrrady took tje pilps I am already really tired. Goodbye

Deep down she loves you. I pray you are still with us.

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