My ex boyfriend watched as I was being stabbed and beaten up. My ex got involved with drugs & he couldn't stay clean so I left him. He eventually became clean & wanted me to see, so my only reason of meeting up was to see the progress, nothing more.
We met up, and as I was leaving and walking back to my car, a group of guys grabbed me, & I was thrown in a car. In the car, one guy was holding my arms down above my head, another guy was holding down my legs, and another guy was just kneeling down near my waist on the right. The guy above me put his hands under my dress and felt me up, whereas the guy pressing down my legs with his legs, shoved each of his hands up inside of me, he was moaning as he kept shoving his fingers and then hands up inside me. Each of the 3 guys took off their pants and took turns in having sex with me. I tried pushing them off me but it didn't work and I ended up crying and screaming from the pain. The vehicle managed to stop and I was basically thrown outta the car and they kicked me a couple feet each time so my body would move to a certain place in the woods. My ex was already there but he was being held still by two guys. I ended up laying down in the middle and one guy took a knife and slit my dress off. Another guy slid my thong off and shoved his penis in my mouth and then eventually had sex with me after. Everyone is watching as I'm struggling to get him off but all I was able to do successfully was cry continuously.
Each of these guys raped me over and over again, one after another, again and again. I was picked up and tossed from each guy, forced to give handjobs and ********, then two of the guys came over and forced anal on me. One of the guys cummed all on my face and rubbed his penis near the side of my mouth and down my neck. I became exhausted from trying to push them off of me, I was terrified with what was gonna happen next, and I couldn't even see anymore since my eyes were swollen from crying. They began kicking me, punching me in the back, lower stomach, legs, I was cussed at continuously, and I had a few men spit on me and then I was slapped in the face about 7 times. After I fell to the ground, I laid there exhausted, and a man came over and stabbed me a total of 5 times. Four times in my lower and upper abdomen, and once near my lower back. The pain I felt was indescribable and it is a loss for words. I felt the blade each time cutting into my skin and slowly moving inside as he lifted it back up. It was so painful I can feel it every time my waist is touched. I was covered in blood as I was screaming from this pain and crying. When they were done, they left but I was left there.
A stranger saw what happened, waited for everybody to leave, and took me to a hospital. I woke up at the hospital and he left me rosaries by my bedside. It's been 9 months since this incident, and I am still terrified with any man getting close with me. I now have lawsuits and no longer speak to my ex. I recently met this new guy and he is very patient with me since he also had a crazy past. I get a lot of flashbacks every time he tries to kiss or get close to me, and I always end up stopping to breathe or to take a few minutes and find myself. It's scary because my one fear is that I'll always have these flashbacks and it'll ruin this new relationship.
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......I don't know what to say. I went through rape when I was 17 but it was nowhere near as bad as what you went through . I am so sorry you had to go through this :( I can't even imagine how bad this must have been on you. If you ever need to talk I am here