I just feel like dying right now..
As you all know im a lesbian.

There was this boy who kept asking me out at uni. I kept on rejecting him and i finally told him the about my sexuality. Thats when he pushed my against the walls and tied my hands. He was well prepared. He closed my mouth and beat me up. I almost fainted. With my eyes barely opened i saw him taking me to a lonely corridor and he called in some of his friends. All of them raped me. Like 4 or 5 men. I just passed out. I woke up at the hospital. The whole uni had seen my body. Im too ashamed to go back and totally scared. There goes my career and future. I have ideas of finishing my life. There is nothing more for me. No family now no education :'(
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To feel ashamed means you respect your body and yourself, which is good. Although I am a boy, yet if I was a girl and that happened to me it would break me more than it dis for you. I see you stronger than me. You did nothing wrong. You were honest with yourself. You didnt give yourself away, you were forced, so no blame or shame on you really. While there are men in this world that wants to be rapists, there are also men that would give their life to safe a girl being raped. We men are not all bad. Your story is heart touching. If u can be a comfort to you then you are free to contact. Stay strong and wish you all best

really sorry for u. life always goes on and never give up ur education. get a motivation to go back ur regular life. even if u will never forget what happened, ur pain will relieve in time. gl

I'm so sorry this happened to you. when you're ready, you can go to another uni and finish your career. the first step is admitting what happened to you. you're braver than i am. Stay strong!

Thank you for your kind words :)

you're welcome, anytime hun. If you ever need to talk or vent about anything, you have a friend in me =)